From west-to-east, from male-to-female, from one generation to the next. Wealth is taking new paths.

Banks have to meet new, young, global, tech-savvy clients on their own digital level, connecting with them across all integrated channels to create a seamless customer experience. This means more than a service here, an app there, isolated and siloed solutions. It will take nothing less than a resolute digitalization strategy reaching deep into a bank’s DNA, end-to-end. As a global leader with extensive experience and deep insight into such transformations, we at Accenture can help you better connect with the new generation of wealth and serve it wherever, whenever and however they need it.

E2E Digitalization in Swiss Wealth Management

Accenture's video shows how the Swiss bank helps their targeted customers group to satisfy wealth management needs anytime, anywhere. See more.

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"E2E digitalization starts with a relentless focus on renewed customer experiences, aligning products and services as well as the process and platforms, to provide a superior digital customer experience."

– THOMAS D. MEYER, Country Managing Director Switzerland

Ain’t no mountain high enough...

We see end-to-end (E2E) digitalization as the perfect means for wealth managers to navigate new paths jointly with their clients. Covering everything from new services and products, channels and ways of reaching out to clients to subsequent process, data and system adjustments, E2E digitization is a discipline that encompasses the entire value chain. To bring this to life, we have identified four key areas for building true E2E solutions.


Data-and experience-driven engagement with clients, leads and prospects via personalized content and a consistent user experience, as part of a user-centric, omni-channel operating model that targets content management.

Distribution and channels

The design and management of superior, connected experiences—for all internal and external users, by enabling seamless journeys and providing the right offering at the right time across all touchpoints and devices.

Products and services

We help clients introduce new products and services in order to better serve existing clients, attract the next generation of wealth, and compete for new markets.

End-to-end processes and platforms

We help clients design and deliver digital, data-driven, end-to-end experiences for clients and processes for employees that allow management to take better decisions and enable employees to serve external and internal clients more efficiently, effectively and with higher quality.

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Ready to take a new track? Innovate with Accenture

Accenture is working hand in hand with all major banks and wealth managers, co-creating digital strategies and co-designing digital user journeys. We have helped our clients build some of the most innovative front-office solutions as well as create more value through front-to-back digitalization. Breaking through the walls of functional silos is the key to unlocking the full potential of digitization for Swiss wealth managers. Leveraging Accenture’s Innovation Architecture, we can help develop solutions that fit each client’s business strategy and priorities while bringing deep market insight, digitization expertise and delivery excellence to the table.

Benjamin Tück

​Managing Director

Dr.-Ing. Kyriakos Voutsas

Managing Director


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