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Accenture smart grid solutions

The need for innovative approaches to managing the world’s transmission and distribution (T&D) networks has never been more pressing.


As power usage continues to increase amid volatile market prices, consumers and utilities alike are searching for fresh ideas on how to conserve energy, ensure reliable delivery, enable new services and enhance environmental stewardship—all leveraging a power grid that’s already strained by the demands of modern society.

Transformational, comprehensive solutions—many of which are enabled by “smart” grid technology—are helping utilities and communities around the world advance toward a radically different landscape for meeting their energy needs. Accenture offers the world-leading expertise that utilities and their customers need to frame their vision of a smarter grid and then achieve its many benefits.

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Why Accenture

Accenture is at the forefront of the evolution to a smarter grid. From generation to in-home energy management, from strategic blueprints to operational data analytics, and from the board room to the operations center. Accenture provides the experience and skills, global resources, proven methodologies and industry-leading technology assets utilities need to realize the vision of a more intelligent grid.

For utilities deploying smart grid solutions, Accenture's experience and expertise encompasses:

  • Demand side management and energy efficiency

  • Advanced metering infrastructure

  • Meter data management

  • Distribution automation

  • Outage management

  • Distribution management

  • Data communications

  • Information systems integration

  • Embedded and enterprise security

  • Renewables (photovoltaics, solar, wind) integration

  • Microgrid connectivity

  • Customer communications

  • Customer Web portals and help centers

  • Substation automation

  • Electrification transformation (EV/PHEV)

We have helped some of the world's most forward-thinking utilities build smart grid business cases and strategies. We have helped them evaluate the pros and cons of wholesale replacement of technology versus strategic upgrades. We are also relied upon to develop the road maps needed to implement the right capabilities and technologies at the right time, given each organization's operational needs, business and financial goals and regulatory requirements.

Specific Services

  • Business case analysis

  • Business process mapping and transformation changes

  • Technology procurement and bid support

  • Strategy development

  • Regulatory assistance

  • Technology assessment

  • Infrastructure design

  • Organizational governance and organizational readiness

  • Project management services

  • Project deployment services

  • Change management

  • Integration services