As-a-Service business acceleration

Embrace digital strategies, offerings, products and experiences with innovative operating models to increase revenue and gain a competitive advantage.

What is as-a-Service business acceleration?

The as-a-Service business acceleration practice is dedicated to helping partners and customers transform businesses from traditional models to subscription-based digital models. These digital models can embrace digital strategies, offers, products, and experiences using innovative operating models, frictionless transactional infrastructures, and new monetization models to gain competitive advantage.

Putting these practices in place can help to avoid the pressures of being disrupted while providing engaging experiences for customers that can meet their demands.

There are several solutions from Accenture that can align with your objectives for the market. Everything-as-a-Service, Device-as-a-Service, Hardware-as-a-Service and many more are developed to help you compete in a subscription economy.

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Companies can rethink supply chains and create value for customers and providers with a new DaaS model.

Avoid costly mistakes and deliver higher customer experiences by rotating to as-a-Service models.

We answer “the why” behind semiconductor companies’ interest in moving to an as-a-Service model.

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The XaaS Files podcast

Companies are learning the hard way that in order to stay resilient in this ever-changing high tech industry, they should embrace digital transformation models that may help find untapped revenue, gain a competitive advantage and create successful customer experiences.
This podcast shares interviews with innovative executives that have made the change to an as-a-Service operating model. These leaders share their experiences, knowledge and best practices that have helped them defeat the disruption.

The XaaS Files: Accenture’s High Tech podcast

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Imagining the future of the high tech industry.

Entering the experience economy

Your hotel room offers many amenities and services during your stay, why not offer a similar experience for solution of services for your business.

Create your digital transformation village

Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt shares his thoughts on the importance of partnerships for growth and to define customer success.

Strategy + grit + scale = XaaS business transformation

Doug Merritt describes how Splunk and companies like his can make the change to transform their business to an XaaS model.

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