Operations and Process Transformation

As technology informs more business decisions, organizations need to be able to deliver fundamental operations and processes.


Expanding markets, increasing global competition, rising customer expectations, advanced technologies, increasing digitization—every change in the market affects how a company operates and performs, often dramatically. And these days, it is difficult to respond to one disruption before being thrown off course by the next one.

Exceptionally savvy companies manage these changes by developing broad, cohesive, end-to-end global operating strategies that enable profitable growth and staying nimble enough to respond to rapidly-changing conditions—strategies that not just account for the power of technology to drive innovation, but thrive on it.

Accenture research consistently confirms that operational excellence and execution are key attributes of leading companies in any industry. Our experience shows that through the combination of the right operating model, the right business strategy, the right technology strategy and the right execution path, companies ride out recessions more successfully and emerge from them more quickly, developing competitive advantage regardless of economic conditions.

Accenture Strategy’s Operations and Process Transformation drives the design and delivery of value-oriented operations transformations by taking an end-to-end approach to achieving excellence in execution. Positioned at the intersection of business and technology, we help our clients gain measurable benefits that transcend cost-cutting to deliver a true execution advantage, swifter, simpler and more flexible responses, and rigorous process execution across the enterprise to ensure certainty of outcomes.


Backed by leading-edge research and proven assets, our team has unmatched experience in the design and execution of best-in-class operations and process strategy across all industries. Our people have held executive-level positions in corporate strategy and operations groups worldwide. We are a world leader in Lean Six Sigma and analytics-driven supply chain transformations.

Equipped with highly focused methodologies and tools, as well as the support of allied Accenture service lines and offerings, we can tailor our assistance to our client’s specific challenges. By analyzing the complex cause-and-effect interrelationships among an organization’s many parts and functions, we can determine the right road map for our client’s needs and empower its own teams to master the art of continuous value realization through execution excellence.

Accenture Operations and Process Transformation integrates a breadth of approaches, capabilities and assets applicable in product and service industries.

We help our client’s unlock the keys to speed, flexibility, and adaptability by finding the critical path to value and creating execution agility. This enables them to respond dynamically to volatility and transforms their overall business performance. Accenture is uniquely well positioned to help clients optimize their operations:

  • Deep expertise. Accenture helps companies develop innovative global operating strategies and the capabilities to successfully execute strategic operational initiatives that reach and often exceed their operational and financial goals.

  • Strategic insights and strong execution. We find new ways for companies to grow their businesses.

  • Commitment to high performance. Accenture's ongoing research into the characteristics of high-performance businesses reveals that virtually all winning business strategies have a competitive advantage at their core in the form of superior operations.

Specific Services

Accenture’s Operations and Process Transformation services drive the design and delivery of value-oriented operations transformations by taking a comprehensive end-to-end approach to achieving excellence in execution:

  • Process Led Transformation, incorporating three core services to help our clients develop and execute transformation strategies:

    • Insight Driven Value Chain Management - creating a dynamic, end-to-end visibility into how an organization executes their operations today and identify systemic issues impacting business performance

    • Business Process Management Lifecycle - establishing a process discipline which forms the foundation for proactive transformation through process strategy, segmentation, management and governance

    • Execution Excellence - providing project portfolio management to assist our clients in creating an execution capability that is focused on delivering value and sustaining performance levels

  • Operations Transformation, defining capabilities and performance needs based on our client’s business strategy, by conducting value assessments, developing a holistic operations strategy and roadmap for execution

  • Lean Analytics, Accenture’s patented approach to enable rapid improvement to supply chain velocity by capturing and analyzing operations data and linking them directly to operations planning and scheduling

  • Process Led Transformation Managed Services, delivering a portfolio of process management services based on a robust and scalable Managed Services model that drives a culture of continuous improvement and value realization