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Accenture Labs: Digital workforce strategic innovation initiative

Accelerate and industrialize the digital work revolution.


The digital revolution is transforming the way enterprises get work done.

Digital technologies including social collaboration, mobile performance support, work-stream analytics, and intelligent decision support continue to mature. And they are beginning to coalesce and support intelligent digital processes, facilitating more effective and efficient ways to structure work processes and to apply labor and expertise.

These transformations can have significant cost and quality benefits, representing an important opportunity for Accenture and our clients.

However, achieving these benefits is no easy task. While many technologies exist to help support these transformations, gaps remain. Companies need help putting together workable solutions and comprehensive strategies.

The Digital Workforce Strategic Innovation Initiative in Accenture Labs was created to accelerate the digital work revolution for the benefit of organizations globally.

Why Accenture

Accenture  Labs is creating a Digital Workforce Platform that will transform processes to align with the digital business and industrialize the delivery of digital workforce enablement.

The Digital Workforce is a bold mission. Through its combination of deep digital and technical experience and skills, extensive strategy and business process experience, and the innovative perspective on technology-driven innovation from Accenture Labs, Accenture is able to help large enterprises reimagine their workforces for the digital era, and transform them to meet the needs of the digital business.

The result will be improved workforce effectiveness, and significant reduction in the time, risk and investment required to transform targeted work processes.

From Workforce to Crowdsource

From Workforce to Crowdsource: Rise of the borderless enterprise.

Picture a workforce that extends beyond your employees; one that consists of any user connected to the Internet.

Imagine having access to this immense, agile workforce—one that is not only better suited to solving many of the problems that organizations struggle with today, but in many cases will do so for free.

This is your new workforce.

The crowd offers a new way to achieve an old goal: collaboration. See how we’ve tracked this evolution in our previous Vision Reports over the last several years.

Paul Daugherty’s Point of View


"We’re seeing big companies seizing the initiative and reinventing their businesses with digital technology."


Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Accenture