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Accenture Interactive – Driving
Superior Marketing Performance
through Relevance at Scale

This brochure gives an overview of how the CMO agenda has evolved in the digital world and how Accenture Interactive is driving superior marketing performance at scale to meet the new demands.

In the digital world, CMOs maximize performance by integrating the brand, consumer and business goals, at speed, enabled by data, analytics and technology.

Accenture Interactive believes success in driving superior marketing performance to support the CMO agenda lies within:
  • A unified marketing strategy

  • A singular view of the consumer with a consistent consumer experience

  • Steered by analytics and continuously renewed through innovation

  • A supporting organization, with the right systems and processes to enable relevant experiences that infer consumer context and intent, dynamically rendering a relevant experience in 500 milliseconds, cumulative across channels

Read this brochure to learn more about Accenture Interactive’s:
  • Mission
  • Key clients
  • Case studies
  • Industry focus
  • Software assets
  • Digital technology offerings
  • Representative results and
  • Key acquisitions in the evolution of Accenture Interactive