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Talent and HR business process services

Amplify your greatest talent and performance to achieve results with Talent and HR Business Process Services.


Organizations, their employees and their HR departments are all expected to deliver quantifiable business value. The shared outcome valued by all three stakeholders is higher workforce performance.

Higher Workforce Performance

That’s why in today’s volatile market and ever-shifting competitive landscape, companies need to attract, develop and retain skilled talent, and ensure that they perform optimally. The goal is always to grow product and service revenue in existing and emerging markets, and the need for agility and speed have prompted many organizations to work with experienced and trusted partners to navigate this never-ending transformation.

The smartest, most successful companies are finding, retaining and enabling quality talent by treating employees as their internal customers and meeting employees’ needs with creative solutions. They’re also engaging with experienced and innovative partners to craft solutions to their most pressing needs.


Market forces—from economic volatility to emerging market growth and the digital revolution—create an air of uncertainty across industries and within the walls of individual businesses. Many companies seek certainty within the talent function. Meanwhile, shifts in workforce expectations have businesses adopting a consumer mindset and consuming HR functions as a service.

Companies are looking for solutions that transform their internal organizations and integrate services and technology. delivering measurable outcomes, transforming long-term HR operations, and as a result, enable them to

reach higher performance levels. Organizations are embedding technology, including automation, cognitive computing and analytics, into the HR function, delivering a consumer-based and relevant experience—essentially transforming the entire business from within.

Beyond your internal team, your business likely requires outside insight, innovation, industry expertise and solutions. A need for continuous improvement in workforce operations is emerging. A high-performing HR Business Process Services relationship can be infinitely beneficial.


At Accenture, we are committed to helping your organization achieve measurable results by boosting workforce productivity. Improving your people’s performance and enhancing process quality and efficiency are proven paths to increasing business agility, raising revenue and reducing costs.

To get the most from your talent (and our own), we embed technology into the work experience, taking a consumer-based approach. Treating employees as customers improves workforce performance and productivity while raising employee satisfaction and retention.

At the same time, a better performing HR function can lead to superior retention rates, greater diversity, employee satisfaction and even a more impressive sustainability record.

With Accenture’s guidance and partnership, companies around the globe have achieved:

To help drive these results, we offer digital engagement and analytic insights. Our consumer-oriented operating model enhances employee satisfaction and productivity by taking a simply radical approach: focusing on people first.

Our experience shows that satisfied employees are productive employees. Taking an employee-as-customer strategy, Accenture offers the experience, determination and sheer breadth of knowledge to help you transform your long-term employee operations:

We also understand that you are our customer and that our success can only be measured by your success.


Accenture’s Talent and HR Business Process Services pivot on three core areas:


Landing new talent requires attention to critical components such as planning, employment, branding and candidate engagement. Companies that get acquisition right forecast their talent needs early in the process and promote their talent needs skillfully.


Developing new and existing talent requires concentrating on competency development, performance management, and collaboration and knowledge management, among other factors. We help you through the entire talent development process—from establishing competency and development plans to completing assessments and evaluations.


Talent and HR professionals understand that acquiring and retaining talent are only two pieces of the puzzle. Engaging and supporting employees is just as critical. We offer workforce and data administration, compensation, payroll, and benefits and pension services to help ensure that your employees are engaged, productive and satisfied.


Find out how we help companies of all sizes across the globe achieve remarkable results in their talent departments:





Industry Recognition

See how we’ve helped clients around the world garner success and achieve higher performance through the HR function.

Star Victor Garcia Muñoz, Global Payroll Senior Director, Microsoft, was awarded HR Superstar of the Year for his work on ONE PAYROLL in partnership with Accenture. (2016)
Star Unilever and Accenture received the HRO Today Europe Recruitment Team of the Year Award (2015).
Star Accenture is in the “Winner’s Circle” of HfS Research’s 2016 Human Resource (HR) Operations in the As-a-Service Economy Blueprint Report (June 2016).
Star Named a Leader and "Star Performer" by Everest Group: Multi-process HR Outsourcing PEAK Matrix (October 2015).


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Global Offering Lead, Talent & HR BPS


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