Accenture Border Services

Securing society and facilitating travel and trade


Globalization and the threat of terrorism have created the need for a secure and safe society.

We help border management and customs agencies transform their operations to enable the efficient and open movement of travelers and goods in and between countries, preventing threats and without compromising an individual’s basic rights and privacy. Our integrated approach to customs and border services includes any agency with identity, border security, customs and immigration responsibilities.

Any government’s ability to equitably deliver vital services to residents rests on accurate enrollment and unique identification. Most travelers feel favorably toward a system of checks and balances. When an Accenture survey team asked citizens across the world if they would be happy to share their biometric details, 89 percent concurred.What is more, they understood the benefits of biometrics in terms of security and fast, efficient processing.

Why Accenture

Accenture has an extensive team of more than 1,000 employees dedicated to border management plus deep experience of working with border control, immigration and customs agencies around the globe. We have dedicated R&D facilities for identity and border clearance solutions where clients can experience first hand biometric and large-scale matching technologies and the benefits of automated border clearance. We also work with a variety of technology partners and can provide a complete port of entry solution allowing for technical flexibility, depending on our clients’ needs.

Untangling red tape to EnterFinland
Design and development of a new digital immigration service putting the user first


Border security—in all its forms—is a mounting challenge for governments in how they facilitate travel and trade while keeping their citizens and visitors safe in an economically responsible way.

Accenture Border Services provide a full range of services to help border and customs agencies deal with the current increased pressure, expectations, and commitments from various stakeholder groups:

  • Travelers. By facilitating legitimate travelers before and throughout their trip, while letting security, immigration and customs agencies identify and appropriately address high-risk travelers and baggage.

  • Cargo. By managing goods clearance through optimized processes that use latest digital technologies in conjunction with a back-office processing system to provide a single view of the customer.

Meet The Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping border management, customs and related agencies facilitate travel and trade.

Ger Daly

Ger Daly
Senior Managing Director
Defense & Public Safety, Accenture


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James Canham

James Canham
Managing Director
Border Services, Accenture


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