Business strategies and technology strategies have now converged even sooner than expected.

While technology augmented parts of government operations, there’s an increase in approaching technology and business strategies, as one. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, public service organizations across the globe, including those in Canada, made rapid digital transformations, accelerating their journeys to the future.

Canadian government organizations’ strategies need to be aligned with supporting technology strategies. Thus, success should be found in co-leadership between business and technology.


of Canadian public service leaders agree that technology architecture is becoming critical or very critical to the organization’s overall success.

Government organizations are weighed down by legacy systems as outdated technology holds them back. Instead, they need to build technical wealth – establishing a clear path away from outdated systems and developing an adaptive, reusable approach to technology.

What’s more, public service enterprises have more technology choices to make than ever before. Each layer of the stack – from cloud deployments, types of AI models and a wide range of edge devices to the design or even basic physics of hardware and computation – is expanding into new dimensions. Taking advantage of this choice is easier than ever thanks to an abundance of “as-a-service” solutions from hyperscalers, improvement in technology standards and growing cloud foundation throughout the enterprise.

The most dynamic, sustainable and impactful architectures will likely be the ones that enable the Canadian government to tap into the full spectrum of technology capabilities available today, building unique solutions for current markets while maintaining a focus on reusability, repurposing and the evolving needs of citizens and communities.

Architect a better future

These rapid transformations and the sudden influx of new technologies have ignited a new era of public service – one where architecture matters more than ever, and better outcomes start in technology stacks.

About the Authors

Mark Lambert

Managing Director – Federal Public Service, Canada

Dave Telka

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service, Canada

Breffni Brennan

Managing Director – Technology Strategy for Canadian Public Sector

Laura Clements

Managing Director – Consulting, Talent & Organization, Federal Public Service, Canada

Laura Matthews

Director – Strategy & Consulting

Rod Kelly

Managing Director – Canadian Software Engineering Lead


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