In brief

In brief

  • Companies that leverage operating models and agile technology to deliver personalized digital experiences can rapidly scale new growth initiatives.
  • Is optimizing operations for dynamic execution across channels critical? A stunning 93% of high-performers say yes, compared to 67% of all others.
  • Living businesses excel in this capability, as they’re well-equipped in capturing relevant opportunities before they’re lost.

This transformational pathway focuses on using a company’s operating models to test, build, and scale physical and digital experiences that are centered around the customer experience. It prioritizes engagement channels as the greatest possible competitive advantage—for both the customer and the company.

Living Businesses tend to excel and are laser-focused on outcomes in this area.

The result? A continual reinforcement in their business strategy, and the ability to pivot and focus on new endeavors before a newer, more relevant opportunity extinguishes.


of high-performers report excelling beyond their peers at optimizing operations to make products and services more relevant to customers. Only 62% of the others could say the same.

Living proof

Consider Toyota Motor Sales in the United States. The company’s Customer 360 Insights team uses Apache Spark, a distributed computing framework that allows it to mine and analyze streams of social media interactions for the customer feedback that matters most.

Toyota’s analytics, for example, transcend simple classifiers such as “brake noise.” Instead, the company has experimented with different types of word-recognition analyses that consider related symptoms people may be discussing at the same time. This approach helps the car maker offer customers the most relevant advice, as well as identify larger trends that may have safety implications or contribute to new designs.

With this approach, Toyota has reduced the time spent analyzing customer feedback from more than six days to just four hours. As the company adds greater sensing functionality to its cars, it will be able to further enhance its ability to partner with individual drivers.

As shown, Toyota exemplifies how a living business builds out relevant experiences at scale. In doing so, these organizations are building a foundation for success that will jettison them toward the next audience capturing opportunity.

About the Authors

John Zealley

Senior Managing Director – Customers & Channels Function, Consumer Goods & Services Industry

Glen Hartman

Senior Managing Director – Lead for Accenture Interactive North America & Global Digital Marketing

Mark Curtis

Chief Client Officer – Fjord (Accenture Interactive)

Nikki Mendonça

Global President – Accenture Interactive Operations

Joshua Bellin

Senior Principal – Accenture Research​


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