The current oil and gas crisis requires a different response from the 2014 (or any other) crisis—and a different playbook. At the heart of this difference is the volatility and plan reset in the current environment. Oil and gas companies have to throw out their annual planning cycles—and quarterly crisis-driven executives’ meetings of the past—and develop cross-geography and cross-functional, high-capability virtual command centers around the clock. At minimum, an effective command center should bring together the rapidly changing market signals and inform internal actions.

Assembling a virtual command center for a new world

The virtual command center should be action-oriented, risk-management-focused and optimized for business continuity.

Actions needed today are more dynamic and holistic than previous cycles:

Drive dynamic decisions with an action-oriented risk management and business continuity optimization focus

Developing a command center rapidly requires a new set of skills to:

Monitor market events driven by government actions and OPEC+ that will provide deeper insights on second- and third-order impacts on the company.

Link market events to prioritize and highlight which likely bookend scenarios to invoke.

Continuously assess the impact of the scenarios on action imperatives.

Function as a high-powered cross-functional project management office to ensure changes cascade through the organization rapidly and clearly.

Scan for and deploy new tools to enable all of the above in an extended COVID-limited environment.

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Projections based on Accenture analysis and experience working with oil and gas companies.

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Muqsit Ashraf​

Lead – Strategy

Manas Satapathy

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

Vivek Chidambaram

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy


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