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The innovation dilemma of distributed ledger tech

February 17, 2022


In brief

How automakers can break through the legacy barrier and realize the full value of DLT

Experts regard DLT as the second most disruptive technology today – only behind AI.


of experts expect DLT to be a source for competitive advantage in the next five years.


of experts regard OEM legacy barriers (processes, systems, mindset) as the major obstacle for DLT adoption.

Enterprise focused

Mature DLT initiatives today are inward-looking and enterprise-focused, reflecting a lack of industry standards and collaboration to date.

Vehicle-related DLT use cases

Value for automotive lies in emerging DLT use cases: V2V and V2X communication, digital vehicle passports, and parts provenance ledgers.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles represent an ideal greenfield opportunity for exploring DLT use cases like open charging and smart grid.


Collaboration is the key to unlocking DLT’s value, especially in enabling ecosystem plays like shared mobility.


Drive forward with the identification, prioritization, iteration and scaling up of key automotive use cases, leveraging start-up flexibility where appropriate.


Lay the foundation for the future widespread adoption of DLT, including acquiring the right talent, establishing the right organization and working with emerging industry DLT ecosystems.

About the Authors

Christian Kleikamp

Managing Director – Global Automotive Strategy Lead

Matthias Niehoff

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy

Christian Koeck

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy