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Digital network analytics


Despite an overwhelming influx of customer data, network data and operations data, communications service providers (CSPs) often struggle to use this data for its optimal benefit, so they can proactively organize and operate the network intelligently.

Accenture Digital Network Analytics (DNA) links the network with customer analytics so that CSPs can make intelligent decisions to proactively monitor network issues and optimize the network based on ROI in certain specific parts of the network. Accenture DNA leverages Accenture’s investment in analytics using open source, artificial intelligence (AI) and assisted machine learning (ML) to build a platform-driven capability at the network layer that helps with proactive assurances and self-healing to reduce cost while enhancing the customer experience.

Accenture DNA helps CSPs use services and cloud-based analytics solutions in multiple areas:

  • Plan and build: To optimize product planning, network planning and building for capex excellence

  • Operate and maintain: To improve network operations and performance management for OpEx excellence

  • Serve and monetize: To improve service experience and service fulfillment for optimal customer satisfaction and ROI

Accenture Digital Network Analytics helps CSPs optimize their service performance, reduce their engineering costs, secure maximum ROI from their network assets reduce churn, and improve the end-to-end customer experience.