The Customer Genome—the secret weapon of the last mile delivery war

How anticipatory delivery and personalized services will set a new standard for postal and parcel organizations


What if Apple started a delivery company?

What if they took all of their data-driven, platform-enabled creative power and turned it to package delivery?
Imagine what that user experience would be like.
You would probably get just what you wanted without even having to think about it.
Suddenly, the old way of receiving packages would seem as dated as mobiles without touchscreens.

Our research indicates that a new delivery paradigm is just around the corner—not driven by Apple, but by dozens of retailers, marketplaces and digital startups. They view the last mile market as ripe for disruption, improvement and reinvention—where services will be cheaper, better and more consumer-friendly.


The new paradigm is centered on data-driven, predictive and personalized user experience.

Postal and parcel organizations have used data to improve performance for decades, but the escalating torrent of consumer data offers limitless new opportunities to provide superior consumer experience.

This demands a more sophisticated approach to the capture, management and use of data. To compete with new entrants, established organizations need to start building customer data into “consumer genomes”—living profiles of preferences, motivations and needs that go beyond what customers choose, to an understanding of why they make those choices.



Brody Buhler

Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director
Accenture Post and Parcel

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