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Taking human services from the era of support to the Era of Empowerment


Delivering Human Services in the Digital Age 

People today don’t just want services. They want experiences. This shift in expectations has prompted government agencies to embark on a journey to transform how they interact with people so that they can serve them in more personal ways, starting with a new perspective on the technology, people and organizations that deliver social services.

The digital age represents both a force of change and an opportunity for more user-centered service design. New capabilities make productivity gains possible so that all sides are more empowered. But because digital evolves rapidly, any adopted system, structure or operating model must also be continuous and adaptive. By focusing on citizens, embracing collaboration and relying on data-driven decision-making, agencies are better positioned to deliver faster, more efficient services to achieve better, more enduring outcomes. These imperatives allow the progression from reactive support in the present to proactive empowerment for life.


Personalised Services with a ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

Citizen demand for services shows no signs of slowing, yet human services agencies are being asked to deliver more, and deliver it better too. Can artificial intelligence (AI) help government agencies meet demand and improve services, while also controlling costs?


AI can help human services agencies personalize delivery and adopt a more human-centric approach to service delivery.

AI can sense and analyse the world around each customer and make informed decisions based on what it has “learned” to deliver tailored services for citizens. It can help human services agencies get a broader understanding of citizen issues, and augment workforce capabilities to drive more effective interventions and better outcomes for citizens. In other words, AI has the power to make human services more human

Norwegian Labour & Welfare Administration

Client perspective

Better, bespoke

Torbjørn Larsen, CIO, NAV (Norwegian Labour & Welfare Administration), on how data helps social security agencies to leave behind their traditional one-size-fits-all approach:


Client perspective

Better by design

Andrew Besford, formerly head of Business Design at DWP and now at the Government Digital Service, explores what it takes to transform a vast government department into a modern, citizen-first operation:

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Rainer Binder

Rainer Binder

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Joel Marchildon

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