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Accenture Mobility Research 2015: Spotlight on Canada


The emergence and adoption of digital technologies has rapidly transformed businesses and industries around the globe.  Mobile technologies have been especially impactful, as they have enabled companies to not only streamline their operations, but also engage more effectively with customers and develop new revenue streams.

A key source of information on the impact digital technologies are having on business is Accenture’s 2015 Global Mobility Study, which provides insights into digital technology trends among large companies around the world.  This year’s study encompasses three areas of focus:

  • How companies are adopting and deploying mobile and other digital technologies to enhance their business.

  • How companies view and use the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and the ways in which the IoT will benefit them.

  • Where companies are deploying mobile applications and the challenges they face in designing and maintaining them.

In this report, we explore the progress Canadian companies have made to date in adopting mobile, social media, analytics, and cloud technologies—with a particular focus on the Internet of Things and mobile apps—and how Canadian companies are benefiting from their use.  We also highlight how Canadian companies’ experience compares with that of companies in other countries, and illustrate some ways Canadian companies are capitalizing on digital technologies to improve business performance.

About the research
The study is based on a combination of online and telephone interviews, conducted in December 2014 and January 2015, with 1,925 senior decision-makers for digital strategy and technologies—of whom, 150 were based in Canada. Participating Canadian companies have more than US$1 billion in revenue.