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The industry at a crossroad

Our 2016 North America Consumer Digital Payments Survey of 4,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada show consumers are still relying largely on traditional payments methods despite the availability of reliable digital payments providers. Why?

Consumers want more value.

Executive Summary


A make-or-break moment
in payments

Our research identified three major trends.


The march to the mainstream is on

49% of consumers are now aware they can use their smartphone to pay with signs of increased use of digital payments by 2020.


Who will win the day?

71% of consumers trust traditional card providers most for digital payments but those that deliver value beyond the transaction will lead the market.

 First Movers

The trailblazers are unstoppable

50% of Millennials and mass affluents consider themselves to be among the first to try new technologies revealing a generation and income gap in adoption.

See consumers for how they see money

The Four Money Mindsets

Using a framework developed by Fjord™, Accenture identified four distinct consumer behaviors around how people engage with their money. The data from the 4,000 consumers who participated in the 2016 North America Consumer Digital Payments Survey was used to identify the Money Mindsets that survey respondents demonstrated most often.

Taking action to lead

Market makers in digital payments will set themselves apart not by mastering the transaction, but by mastering value delivery.

Understand and act on what makes customers tick.
Prepare for the future before it happens.
Never make investments in a vacuum.
Act fast now and constantly course-correct.


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