Call for change

Cyberattacks continue to grow and attack privileged credentials, targeting secure data and information daily.

We generate billions of data interactions every day and keeping them all safe as we transmit information through various networks, platforms and systems to service clients in more than 120 countries is always top of mind.

With employees often collaborating across multiple ecosystems and applications, requiring access to the same account and data at the same time, we needed a solution that controls secure data access and allows the flexibility to collaborate while maintaining the highest levels of security.

We’ve created a secure, privileged access management solution that ensures proper and protected authorized credential use across our entire organization.

When tech meets human ingenuity

To ensure the safety and security of our data interactions, we integrated an automated privileged access management approach (PAM).

Our Information Security team and internal IT organization designed our PAM approach to further protect our own data as well as client data through enhanced security controls that track when information is being accessed, handled, transmitted, hosted or stored.

Only individuals in approved, role-specific positions with authorized credentials are allowed access to certain types of data, environments, infrastructure and platforms.

"Our PAM approach is one of maintaining line-of-sight to the infrastructure and those accountable for its management, strengthening the layer of protection around our account management."

— JOHN BLASI, Managing Director Technology & Operations

Our privileged access management approach

Establish process

Employees follow an established process to gain access to privileged credentials information no matter where they are located across the workstream.

Monitor suspicious activity

A stronger layer of protection allows our Information Security team to monitor for suspicious activity and confirm client data protection compliance.

Educate teams

The planning and execution of our PAM approach required global teams and leaders to be educated on the proper behaviors to protect information.

Train on PAM

Extensive training was rolled out and customized for the unique needs of our teams to work within this new structure of account and privileged access.

Strengthen behaviors

Trainings have expanded to include educating teams on the automated process of adding new accounts to PAM, strengthening behaviors that protect data.

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A valuable difference

Our use of best-in-class technology and credential protection software has delivered benefits including improved audit capacity, optimization of processes and protections, a stronger controlled environment and automated account onboarding.

Our PAM solution helps us address the critical responsibility of protecting our data and our clients’ data by enabling proper and protected authorized credential use.

As cyberattacks only continue to target privileged credentials, our use of PAM helps strengthen our cyber resilience and defenses to bolster the overall security health of our technology and data environment.

Strengthened protection around accounts

Each new account has unique security needs for controlling secured data. Our PAM approach has increased our audit capabilities, optimized processes and protections, strengthened controlled environments and automated onboarding.

Audit capability

Improved auditing to identify where account credentials are created, how they’re granted and who is responsible for managing their use.

Process optimization

Restricting privileged access to only those resources working from Accenture-managed and protected laptops with optimized processes and protection.

Stronger controlled environment

Authorized credentials are better managed as they’re housed in a secure repository “vault” that protects assets within our cloud and other platforms.

Automated account onboarding

New accounts can be automatically onboarded, creating a more streamlined approach to keeping the account protected throughout its lifecycle.

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