Call for change

Mobility is changing, and consumers expect more from their experience. Innovative design, like more comfortable, connected and energy-efficient interiors, can offer greater value to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers.

Faurecia, a FORVIA Group company, set itself a challenge to develop a new cockpit concept using model-based systems engineering (MBSE). MBSE uses models as a single version of the truth to facilitate collaboration among disciplines, from engineers to designers and marketing.

Using MBSE’s virtual simulation and digital twins, Faurecia would be able to quickly understand the impact of the design for OEMs and end consumers.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Accenture helped Faurecia develop integrated design processes and a full Dassault Systèmes platform to enable powerful new engineering methods.

Together, we set up a pilot demonstrating the potential applications of MBSE to create the cockpit of the future. We also trained the team on the MBSE approach and modelling tool.

The new platform integrates collaborative virtual twin technology to simulate new scenarios quickly, maximize innovation and achieve optimal design choices. It creates a single source of truth for the cockpit architecture and enables the various cyber-physical, digital and experiential design elements to interact coherently.

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Helping Faurecia put innovation in the fast lane

A valuable difference

The solution is helping Faurecia reduce costs, accelerate innovation and speed products to market.

It can now test new cockpit designs without creating physical models in each iteration. Co-collaboration with OEMs is also easier. OEMs and designers can immediately see the impact of design choices, enabling them to identify and resolve issues earlier in the process.

This helps reduce the risk of inconsistencies and rework. Faurecia’s new capabilities allow it to be more ambitious, exploring innovative designs and concepts to meet growing customer demand for new experiences and innovations.

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