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As a company that leads in the New, Accenture innovates for our clients, our operations and our people.

We equip Accenture's more than 500,000 people with new ways of working. One key capability we deployed was Microsoft OneDrive for Business. For us, the business case was compelling: OneDrive for Business offered secure file storage in the cloud, new usability and collaboration capabilities, and even cost savings in keeping laptop hard drives small.

Empowering Accenture People with OneDrive for Business

Accenture is equipping more than 400,000 people with Microsoft's OneDrive for Business to enhance the way employees work. See more.

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When tech meets human ingenuity

Microsoft OneDrive for Business fits with several of Accenture’s IT strategic directions—being cloud first, enhancing security and empowering our people to work in the New. In addition, OneDrive offered seamless integration with Microsoft Office, used company-wide. Microsoft also demonstrated the proven ability to scale cloud storage to meet Accenture’s needs. These reasons and the compelling benefit of moving files off laptops to secure cloud storage to help reduce the risk of data loss and data theft led Accenture’s global IT organization to deploy OneDrive company-wide.

To promote the adoption and acceleration of OneDrive, change management was critical. A three-part plan was developed:


Messaging was pushed out to employees regularly through videos, internal social media, blogs and adoption scorecards. Rather than mandating a company-wide change all at once, we chose to let employees do the adoption when the time was right for them and learn more about OneDrive on their own.

Transition enablers

Once our people were aware of OneDrive, the next step was to help them start using it and understand it, aided by several transition enablers:

  • A Business Data Migration tool that helped users tackle what is often the biggest adoption hurdle—performing the initial load of all their files to OneDrive.
  • Videos that demonstrated the best ways of using OneDrive.
  • Our regularly occurring PC upgrade process that encourages employees to move all their files to OneDrive first, helping also to reduce the time to perform an upgrade by around 50 percent. Storing data on OneDrive also reduces the amount of time required by Tech Support to replace PCs since data transfer is no longer required.


Once our people started to use OneDrive, the goal was to support them in continuing to use it through online training workshops and a technology support site. Information was easy to find, enabled individuals to expand their knowledge of OneDrive at their own pace and get help if issues arose.

A valuable difference

Three years into our journey, more than 500,000 Accenture users are enabled for OneDrive for Business. Adoption at scale is a major undertaking, and progressed steadily to get more than half of our people as high-volume users of OneDrive.

"OneDrive lets our people access their files via company-provided PCs and employee-owned tablets and mobile phones. This capability gives them options to work from anywhere from any device."

— TOM BRUSS, Director – Accenture Digital Worker

1.7 billion

files stored in the cloud


of data stored in the cloud

Smaller hard drives

equal cost savings so employees can work from any device


real-time collaboration and editing

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