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Shelly M.


Shelly M.


Service Delivery Operations Team Lead



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation Hilbert College (New York)
"I wake up every day looking forward to coming to do my job! Employee engagement is one of the areas I am most passionate about, and I want every employee to want to be here as much as I do."

What I Do

I am currently the Team Manager for both the Customer Care and Customer Advocacy teams within the Niagara Delivery Centre. I’m responsible for managing agents and maintaining all correspondence SLA’s. I am also currently working with the Agent Performance department acting as the liaison between training and operations by making the transition for new hires from training to operations as seamless as possible.

Day in my Life

Each morning, the requirements for meeting the daily correspondence SLA are reviewed and confirmed. Once this has been determined I work with my team to ensure that levels are met while assisting where possible with other Call Centre SLAs. Email correspondence has been growing in popularity so my role is ever changing. Also working in my role with Agent Performance, I spend time meeting with new hires to ensure they are brought up to speed with the requirements of them, ensuring they have a good understanding of the metrics they are expected to achieve and are comfortable with their new role within Accenture.

Outside the Office

I’m passionate about sports, the outdoors and Las Vegas! A perfect day would be spent in the sun at a Yankees game or jumping on a flight to spend a fun filled weekend in Vegas!

My Advice
Don’t let things get the best of you, work hard so that you can play harder and leave your worries at office door!