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Safdar M.


Safdar M.


Managing Director



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Account Leadership


BASc, Electrical Engineering (University of Toronto)
"Be prepared for a career of continuous learning, working with smart people, and growing through challenging situations."

What I Do

I am a Managing Director in Accenture’s Communications, Media, and Technology practice. I work with Telecom and Cable clients in Canada, helping them drive business strategy to remain competitive in an increasing digital world, building cutting edge technologies and solutions to transform and disrupt the market, and enabling cost reduction through smart sourcing strategies.

I joined Accenture out of University, and I’ve had some amazing experiences over the past 12 years. I’ve worked with clients all around the world (North America, Australia, and Europe), helped solve some of their toughest problems, and had a ton of fun with my teams and clients.

Day in my Life

Every day is different, and that’s what makes it exciting and challenging at the same time!

I work closely with engagement teams both at several clients and offshore locations (at our India and Philippines Delivery Centers). This entails formulating our engagement strategy, managing project delivery, helping clear roadblocks, planning and mitigating risks, and ensuring our teams are set up for success. Collaboration tools like Skype, Sharepoint, Telepresence, Lync Mobile, etc. are fairly standard, and we are now starting to use more enterprise social tools such as Slack and Yammer.

I also spend a significant part of my day directly with clients, exploring areas Accenture can support them, better understanding business problems, sharing points of views, connecting them with experts within Accenture (of which there are a lot!), and managing expectations.

Outside the Office

My main focus outside of work is my family – I have 2 young children, ages 4 and 2, that keep us very busy. Outside of family, I enjoy traveling, running and keeping fit (I’ve become a morning person thanks to the kids and now generally find myself at the gym first thing in the morning before heading into work). I am a voracious reader and find it a great way to wind down and stay abreast of what’s happening around the world.

Lastly, I have also been the executive sponsor for Accenture’s technology recruiting at the University of Toronto for several years, including running several case competitions. I enjoy reconnecting with students and sharing my teachable point of view and journey line.

My Advice

The path to career success is always your own, you need to define it, chart it, and steer your way. Your path is your own. My advice (from my teachable point of view) is:

  1. Learn Continuously – we are a knowledge economy and the ability to learn and be versatile is crucial. Learn by reading, observing, teaching, trying, failing, succeeding, and pivoting. Learn from your boss, your teams, your clients, etc.

  2. Be Authentic – build your brand early on, be famous for something, and always show confidence.

  3. Follow Through – you are only so good as the world. Make commitments, and deliver on them.

Good luck!