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Rahul M.

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Rahul M.


Senior Manager



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


BASc Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
"No matter which country or location you’re working in, at Accenture you can always count on being able to work with talented, high-performing people!"

What I Do

I have spent my entire Accenture career working in the Resources industry, including the Utilities, Mining and Oil & Gas sectors. As a technology consulting practitioner, I focus on defining, selling, and delivering technology solutions that help our Resources clients improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety.

I am currently engaged on a project in the Canadian Oil Sands region that leverages digital technologies to improve safety and productivity for one of our clients. We have only just started to see the power and value that digital technologies can unlock for our clients.

Day in my Life

At Accenture, each day presents its own set of challenges and opportunities – this is what I enjoy most about working here. While every day is different, some activities are common to any day – client meetings, Skype conference calls connecting people across multiple time zones, and of course spending time to help mentor and grow our teams. Although spending face-to-face time with our clients remains an important element of Accenture Consulting, the use of collaboration technologies has greatly improved our ability to work “virtually”, cutting down on travel and CO2 emissions.

Outside the Office

I am an avid traveller (31 countries and counting) and love spending time outdoors. A good weekend in the summer involves exploring new places, hiking in the mountains, or kayaking. In the winter, nothing beats a weekend of alpine skiing.

My Advice
Working hard will only get you so far in life. Hard work, a positive attitude and an open mind is a winning combination.