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Nicholas G.

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Nicholas G.


Human Resources Associate Director



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Human Resources


HEC – Hautes Études Commerciales
"We work in an exciting environment where things evolve continuously in line with what clients demand."

What I Do

My current role is the Human Resources Lead for Canada. In this role, I am the HR Business Partner to the Canada Leadership Team and I am responsible for the Talent Strategy, HR programs and initiatives in Canada. I am also a member of the Global Human Resources Management Committee and a member of the North America HR Executive Leadership team.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to support our business in different areas. Prior to this role, I was the HR lead for a large Utilities client in Canada. I also spent two months in France serving as the Financial Services HR Lead for France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. I was also the HR Lead for our Technology growth platform in Canada, where I was responsible for the delivery of HR services to the Technology people in Canada.

Day in my Life

I spend most of my day on the phone on conference calls and talking to people and running from meeting to meeting. My days fly by and always offer the opportunity of being challenged. A typical day can start as early as 7 am to attend global calls or a meeting with the leadership team. I usually work from the office at least three days a week and I always take a few minutes to catch up with people from the HR team and colleagues from the office. I can also say that not a day goes by without speaking to a member of the Canada executive leadership team, either on the phone or in a meeting!

Outside the Office

I am a runner and have already completed 3 marathons and several half-marathons. Running helps me keep my balance and I try and do my five runs per week like the coach recommends! I love to travel, outside of Montreal, my 2 favorite cities to visit are New York and Paris. I also spend a lot of time in the countryside during the summer. I enjoy spending time with family and friends either on the boat or at dinner, where we all get together and light up the barbecue.

My Advice

Accenture offers a great opportunity for people who enjoy being challenged at work. We work in an exciting environment where things evolve continuously in line with what clients demand. This provides great opportunities for growth and to learn new things. I find that Accenture has the best people to work with. At one point in my career, I left Accenture and came back. I was gone for slightly under a year, but this experience taught me how great the people at Accenture are, and what challenging and exciting opportunities we have.