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Michael E.


Consulting Senior Manager



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Industrial Engineering, MBA
I love retail because the industry is in a constant state of evolution. It presents continuous opportunities for relevant consulting services.

What I Do

As one of Accenture’s retail leaders, my objective is to help Canadian retailers design and implement strategies that drive significant operating margin improvements.

From omni-channel supply chains to merchandising strategies and customer experience programs, I help deliver a range of retail consulting services.

I take great pride in showing my clients how we don’t simply help retailers craft innovative and competitive strategies, we help them implement our recommendations to achieve desired results. That is the power of Accenture.

Day in my Life

I have traveled extensively for work for over thirteen years. In 2010, for instance, I led the implementation of a Sales and Operations planning process in over 15 countries. Although working away from home is not always easy, it has given me the chance to work with some of the best retailers and manufacturers globally.

Outside the Office

My wife and I love travelling, and love to do so on our motorcycle. Our favorite ride was a journey between Montreal, Quebec, to San Diego, CA.

My Advice

Get involved and don’t fear constantly re-inventing yourself. When assembling my teams, I often prefer intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm over detailed experiences.