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Meredith M.


Digital Transformation Senior Manager



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Digital Careers

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University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Arts and Kinesiology
Accenture's highly innovative, collaborative environment is what fuels me and inspires me to push the envelope on a daily basis.


I have worked in Digital space since 1996 – initially helping one of the big 5 Canadian banks to market "PC Banking" to its customers. Remember when we used dial up and had to load those diskettes into our computers to be able to access our bank accounts? That feels like a long time ago!

Since then, I have worked with all of the Canadian banks and a number of insurers on a range of omni-channel solutions: from Mobile Wallets to Personalization and Content Management to the Branch of the Future. I help clients to compliment marketing and service offerings through the online or digital channel(s) – from Strategy to Implementation.

I joined the Accenture Digital team one year ago, helping to grow the local team and expand our footprint amongst clients, helping to drive successful client outcomes. ​

Day in my Life

Between home, work and other responsibilities, it feels like I have no choice but to be up before 6. The day normally starts with a quick "sweep" through the house, doing anything from laundry to meal prep to signing school notes. I try to squeeze in a walk along Toronto's Beaches boardwalk for 45 minutes before TTC'ing to the office at King and University.

The work day is a mix of client meetings, account team meetings, proposal shaping and program delivery. If I'm lucky, I also get to prepare for or deliver an interactive client workshop – where we can have great dialogue with clients to identify new opportunities to help those clients achieve their digital goals.

I really love to work with collaborative, cross functional teams to help ideate and then generate opportunities to help clients meet the demanding needs of ever-changing customer experience expectations.

Outside the Office

Outside of the office, I am the Mother of two teen-age girls, a Softball coach, a School Volunteer (organizing community events and fund-raising), we have had the great fortune of being able to do a lot of travel (with recent trips to Spain, France & Italy, Banff (AB)).

We are a Skiing Family – typically 1-2 excursions / year to destinations from Collingwood, to Mont Tremblant to Whistler. If live in a climate that has 4 distinct seasons, including one that can be chilly – you might as well embrace it!​

My Advice

For me – it’s about having fun @ work every day. Determine what it is that is fun for you and find roles that allow you to do what you are good at naturally!​