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Lana V.D.M.


Lana V.D.M.





Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Workplace Management & Solutions


Commerce post-graduate in Business Economics
"At Accenture, I’ve been able to have multiple careers within the same company."

What I Do

I manage the workplace operations & teams for a number of corporate offices in Canada as well as a number of delivery centers and client account office spaces.

In addition, I play a key role on a range of workplace programs, including my involvement with the Information Security function where I am the global IS Lead for Workplace, Travel and People Mobility, as well as the North America Workplace IS POC.

Day in my Life

I work primarily out of our Vancouver office location, and being located on the west coast of North America, I am up and running as early as possible each morning. My counselees, customers and the people I work with are all located in different time zones, so I have to time meetings, calls and email responses / deadlines very carefully in order to reach everyone I work with at the right time and before the end of their day!

I work and communicate with all my locations and projects on a daily basis, so I have trained myself to transition between different tasks and initiatives very quickly and efficiently, and prioritize and multi-task all the time.

Outside the Office

Relaxing is very high on my list! This translates to traveling to new and interesting places (as well as old favourites!), riding my bicycle around beautiful Vancouver, and doing absolutely nothing when I can (we can’t be overachievers all the time!).

My Advice

Always be open to taking on new tasks and roles even though you might not have an extensive knowledge of the specific area. There is always a way to learn what you don’t know, people willing to trust and support you, and your prior experience helps you tackle the challenges along the way even when you don’t realize it. And have some fun while you are learning and meeting new colleagues!