Jordan D.


Jordan D.


Training Analyst



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Business Process Delivery


BA in Psychology; Minor in Criminology from Brock University
"I love the people we work with here at Accenture. From the new hires to senior management, everyone strives to represent our Core Values to the best of their ability."


I am responsible for the training of New Hire agents joining the Enbridge client team. The training program I lead covers all aspects of the job, as well as cross trains our agents with additional skill sets.

Training isn’t just part of my official job title, but it is also something I feel really passionate about ‘paying forward’ to our new hires. When I joined Accenture as a Customer Service Representative five years ago, I received the training that I needed to be successful in my role—as well as coaching and encouragement to advance my career to new heights.


When I start my day in training, I make sure to cover material with the group from the day before to check for understanding and then we review the topics of the day. The training material is broken up in to segments, so as we cover the material, I ensure to relate it back to real life experiences from my time on the phone, and then we participate in hands on activities to ensure the agents have a good understanding of the processes involved with the theory. If I am finished with the in class portion of training, I am providing support and feedback while the agents are on the phone handling customer requests.


I am very passionate about hockey, soccer and golf in terms of watching as well as playing. I love to travel, having visited Greece, the Caribbean, Scotland, England, and various places here in Canada and the United States (Viva Las Vegas!)

My Advice
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Don’t let fear hinder your improvement either personally or professionally.