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Dean F.


Dean F.


Infrastracture Technology Support Manager



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

IT Operations


Seneca College
"Knowledge is power, empower yourself."

About Me

What I Do
I manage the Local Technology Services resources across our three Accenture offices in Toronto... My team is comprised of 10 highly motivated, professional and meticulous technologists who deliver technology services to over 2,000 customers, including Accenture employees and various clients. We have a diversity of IT skills and get to handle a range of technology needs.

Outside the Office
I enjoy playing sports such as football and run a pick-up league throughout the spring to fall. I also dabble in music and production and have released 4 independent albums throughout my “career.” I have even produced music for Accenture programs and events! Philanthropy and volunteer work is also very important to me and I am part of the Special Olympics Toronto council.

Day In My Life
I’m an early riser thus my day typically begins at 7:00am in one of our 3 offices in Toronto. The day is usually comprised of conference calls, team meetings, management updates, project updates and of course, customer service delivery. My team and my customers – nothing is more important and high engagement scores are what drive and motivate me to deliver more. There is no “9 to 5” in LTS and I am on-call 24/7 with my iPhone firmly in hand outside of the office hours. It’s the price we pay for support but we are more than willing to go that extra mile and our valued customers.

My Advice
After 13 years of service at Accenture, I have learned that you definitely have to check your ego at the door because humility and modesty will not only grant you success but also longevity in a career.