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Brian Comeau


Brian Comeau


Technology Consulting Senior Manager



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Marketing & Communications


HBA, Ivey

Accenture has given me the opportunity to be an explorer; to explore industries, functional areas, and geographies.

What I Do

I am currently the Growth & Strategy Lead for Accenture Technology in Canada. This is a new role for me that allows me to pull my strategy experience and understanding of Accenture’s technology business together to help our leads grow the business. I am also one of the authors of our Internet of things point of view for the SAP platform. That role has really allowed me to think about new technology and the impact that it is having on our clients across industries in a very real way.

Prior to taking on this role, I spent time as the innovation lead in our joint venture with SAP, the Accenture and SAP Business Solutions Group. I’ve also spent a portion of my career based in Singapore, as part of our Accenture Strategy group, doing business strategy in the telecommunications space. I’ve had a chance to be in Accenture Technology, Accenture Consulting and Accenture Strategy, and have worked in Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and the USA. I am hard pressed to think of another company with such a breadth of opportunity!

Day in my Life

Although there is no typical day or week at Accenture, I find that I tend to spend my time engaging and interacting with different people within the business. I see my role as something of a connector, to gather information and ensure that different groups stay informed. That means a lot of one-on-one conversations, learning and understanding our business and current challenges on an ongoing basis. I also try to stay looped into conversations around the innovation space to see what we can bring to Canada.

Outside the Office

I love to travel and have been to most of the countries in Asia Pacific while living in Singapore. I’ve only started to get to Europe, but have amassed just under 40 countries thus far. I have a long way to go! Recently, I’ve taken up more “hands-on” hobbies which include building furniture and developing property.

My Advice

Find a mentor and a sponsor. Someone who is more senior than you who you respect and who sees something of themselves in you. This person should be someone you can trust with both Accenture and non-Accenture related conversations. Having the right person on your side can make all the difference!