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Boris B.


Technology Consulting Analyst



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Business & Technology Integration


Queen’s University, Bachelor of Science Honors in Molecular Genetics; University of Toronto, Masters in Management of Innovation (MMI)

Rise to the occasion, push the limits, show yourself what you’re capable of, and make sure to help the people around you do the same.


As a consultant aligned with Communications, Media and Technology, I get to deliver high-tech solutions and software to a variety of companies and industries. My current role has me working for one of the Big Five Canadian Banks, where I’m helping design and deliver an innovative sales origination software for frontline Financial Advisors. When complete it will be available at every branch and will be serving millions of customers across Canada. The scale of our project is enormous and with it come many complexities. That is, however, exactly the kind of challenge that I love – high stakes, high reward – where the pressure brings out the best in my performance.


A day in my life can vary quite drastically. Depending on which client I’m working with, I can be presenting project developments to Subject Matter Experts at one of Canada’s largest banks, flying off to India to coordinate with our offshore team, or representing Accenture at a networking conference for tech companies in Toronto. For me, my day to day has been a great mix of time available to focus on delivering excellent client work as well as interesting side projects that switch up the routine and present me with new learning opportunities.


Besides family and friend time, outside of the office I keep myself busy with activities that fall under three overarching streams: physical fitness, cognitive development, and community involvement. The activities themselves typically vary. Currently, for physical fitness I’m heavily into Mixed Martial Arts, primarily training Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Thai Boxing. For the cognitive stream I’m improving my understanding of management methodologies. In terms of community involvement I’m heavily engaged with mentoring university students and newcomers to Canada on job searching techniques/methodologies. I truly believe that giving back to society is one of the most important and fulfilling tasks that we as citizens must commit ourselves to. Skip out on that hour of Netflix and go out there and help someone!


My advice for new recruits would be to plan long term. What do you want to achieve? What is your overall goal - both with the company and with life in general? Figure out the big picture then work backwards to determine the steps you need to take to get there.