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Bill E.


Bill E.


Delivery Lead, Call Centre Operations



Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Portfolio and Delivery Management


Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
"Done be afraid to ride the wave of change. Learning and growth opportunities will always present themselves. Reach out and grab them."

What I Do

As a Service Delivery Lead, I currently manage the call centre, escalations and central back office teams for PRESTO, an electronic fare card system that Accenture helped build and now operates for transit agencies across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

On a daily basis, I collaborate with our client on key initiatives to help enhance the overall PRESTO experience and bring to life our customer care vision. I also interact with our front-line team throughout the day, something I find particularly rewarding having started my own career with Accenture as a Customer Service Representative more than 15 years ago.

Day in my Life

Being in Operations, no two days are the same. Every day brings a series of new events and challenges – as well as numerous rewards. Providing a high level of customer care to our client and our customers is paramount to our overall success. In collaboration with my team, we continually strive to identify key and intrinsic value that can be delivered to our client. No day goes by without an opportunity to partner with the client in numerous initiatives that focus on aligning the vision for our overall customer experience.

Outside the Office

I’m the proud father of Quinn (13) and Kylie (10). During my time away from the office, I am actively involved in a number my children’s athletic and personal pursuits – having coached both in a variety of winter and summer team sports. I have a genuine appreciation of the flexibility my current role provides me in achieving a nourishing work/life balance.

On a personal note, I am big fan of the Dave Matthews Band and have been to numerous concerts – even making a trip to Virginia to visit Dave’s winery. This provided a perfect opportunity for me to pair my love of wine and music.

My Advice

Accenture provides an environment where the opportunities are boundless. Never be afraid of the unknown and continually welcome the challenge that every day brings. Keeping an open mind and networking with your peers is integral to your success at Accenture. Leveraging the expertise of individuals across the firm will allow you to build and develop your skills and capabilities – embrace the moment!