Mobility: Fuelling the digital surge

Canada Mobility Research 2014


Mobility is the most important digital technology priority for large enterprises, a new Canadian study by Accenture has found. Reflecting mobility’s role as an enabler of other technologies, 56 percent of respondents ranked it in their top two priorities.

Nearly half of Canadian enterprises (47 percent) expect the convergence of digital technologies to increase their sales in existing markets. Eighty-four percent view the adoption of digital technologies as a strategic investment rather than something to be evaluated on a case by case basis. About one-quarter (26 percent) expect their adoption to generate additional revenue, one quarter (25 percent) plan to build entirely new digital businesses or services as a result of convergence, and 29 percent expect to penetrate new markets altogether, showing a global business opportunity from digital technologies.

Click here to view infographic. Mobility: Fuelling the Digital Surge. This opens a new window.View the infographic to see how Canadian companies currently view and use mobility, one of the key enablers of the digital business. (PDF, 450 KB)

About the Survey

As part of our global 2014 Mobility Research, Accenture surveyed 150 C-level executives in 10 industries to explore how Canadian companies are applying digital technologies—especially mobility—to improve their organizations.