Creating and delivering personalized experiences that delight customers continues to be a business-critical priority for B2C and B2B brands across industries. Gartner research recently found that 81% of marketing leaders believe their brands need to compete mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience. CX has become the most important ingredient for a brand to distinguish itself – or the most glaring shortcoming holding it back.

To empower clients to achieve best-of-breed customer experiences synonymous with long-term business success and competitive differentiation, Accenture has long nurtured key strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe, and Microsoft-Accenture joint venture Avanade – the largest Microsoft-focused systems integration services partner. Those partnerships have now grown even stronger with the announcement that Avanade is establishing an Adobe practice, which is backed by the extensive knowledge of nearly 4,000 Accenture experts working across the Adobe Experience cloud, many of whom are certified. This move unites the powerful customer experience technologies and capabilities of these four companies, providing brands with a combined solution greater than the sum of its parts – a strategic fusing that enables more finely-tuned and impactful customer experiences than were previously possible.

Avanade works closely with Accenture Interactive to serve the needs of mid-market clients, leveraging the effective methodology, years of experience, and strategic acumen Accenture Interactive brings to implementing and optimizing the Adobe Experience Cloud. This Accenture Interactive collaboration with Avande has proven to be a key competitive advantage for these smaller-sized brands that would otherwise be resigned to partners lacking the breadth, depth, and scale that Accenture provides.

Now, the recently established “Power-of-Four” partnership enables brands working with Avanade and Accenture Interactive to more quickly develop, activate, and begin reaping the benefits of both Adobe and Microsoft’s technologies and solutions for digital business. Avanade acts as a centralizing hub within this partnership, offering Adobe’s solutions closely aligned to the needs of marketing and creative teams alongside Microsoft’s IT-oriented ecosystem. Each are incorporated into the framework of Accenture Interactive’s successful methodology and customer experience delivery expertise. Specifically, Avanade tailors customized services and solutions by using the Adobe Experience Cloud (a connected suite of cross-channel digital marketing solutions) along with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (providing intelligent ERP and CRM business applications) and Microsoft Azure. At the same time, Accenture’s business groups help brands realize the opportunities inherent to these solutions – and do so at an accelerated pace.

Each partner in the close working relationship between Accenture Interactive and Avanade has earned accolades for its work with Adobe and Microsoft. Accenture Interactive was named Adobe’s 2018 Global Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year, while Accenture/Avanade was recognized as Microsoft’s 2019 Digital Transformation Partner of the Year. Now with the Power-of-Four partnership combining Accenture Interactive and Avanade even more closely with Adobe and Microsoft solutions, clients can trust that these partners bring even more to the table transforming brands by delivering unique, personalized, and extraordinary customer experiences.

Cindy Saucedo

North America Adobe Lead

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