Eco Innovation Challenge Winners

Our inaugural Eco Innovation Challenge mobilized Accenture teams to tackle some of the world’s greatest environmental “grand challenges.”

Innovating for people and the planet

More than 2,300 people from across Accenture came together to help solve issues across seven critical topics, with the ideas that are featured here winning each challenge.

Solutions demonstrated inventiveness across technologies including AI, blockchain and even consumer-facing apps. The winning teams—one for each topic listed below—received support from the Social Innovators Accelerator and Sustainability Innovation Network to bring their ideas to life and effect positive change.

Circular packaging

LCA.I. is an AI platform which will leverage existing Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) and materials data to accelerate the process of choosing a new, greener packaging type. LCA.I aims to remove barriers to adopting green packaging and to connect packaging demanders to novel packaging solutions.

Clean energy at home

Scaling Our Reach will enable the scale of last mile distributors of renewable energy by building a universal and accessible point-of-sales phone application targeted at semi-literate entrepreneurs with low technology skills, the core demographic of sales agents.​

Find out more here.

Climate resilience

ReefCloud brings an innovative and transformative change to the way we monitor our reefs. The open-access, cloud-based platform uses cutting-edge technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze photographs of coral reefs to rapidly extract and share data.

ReefCloud is a collaboration between Pacific scientists and managers, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Accenture and their ecosystem partners, to build a purposeful tool that supports conservation efforts in the region.

Learn more here.

Future of food

AgXelerator seeks to transform global food production by leveraging three core streams to identify global adoption pathways for different geographies, provide a tool to model all intricacies along a glidepath for new market entrants and deploy new functionality within Accenture's controlled environment agriculture prototype to optimize the value chain.​

Learn more by watching The Controlled Environment Agriculture Toolkit video here.

Green(er) supply chains

Aquichain will geotag aquifers and use blockchain to track the water consumption across the supply chain of various products. It plans to solve for the lack of visibility of the water blueprint across the supply chain as well as the inability of imagining water as a transactional entity for industrial use.​

Rewilding land

Reimagine, Rewild is a mobile application, leveraging augmented reality to bring the opportunity for rewilding to life. It aims to empower users to visualize what their local environment could look like if nature was enabled to thrive. It also serves as an educational platform, helping people to learn about the benefits to biodiversity, as well as connecting them to rewilding projects near them.

Learn how Reimagine Rewild is working to restore nature and build a more sustainable future here.

Sustainable cloud

Sustainable AI in the Cloud aims to reduce the environmental impacts of AI by developing a carbon-smart, cloud-based machine learning framework that takes advantage of renewable energy when and where it is available. It will build on machine learning development practices and include transparent metrics to certify incremental levels of carbon reduction achieved.​

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