Marketing Disrupted: Guest speaker

Chris Riccobono is the founder and executive chairman of UNTUCKit, one of the fastest-growing men’s retail brands in the U.S. After earning his bachelor's degree from Providence College in 2001, Chris began his career at GE Healthcare and enrolled in Columbia Business School in 2007. While working towards his MBA, Chris thought of the idea for UNTUCKit after speaking with lots of men about their fit problems—especially the length of their collared shirts. It began as just a side job, but once Chris and his early customers realized that he’d solved a big problem in men’s fashion, the business quickly grew into the brand we know today with more than 60 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada.


Brent and Amber speak with Christopher Riccobono and Aaron Sanandres of UNTUCKit, a company that solved a problem men had: finding perfect length shirts.

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