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Accenture is a global company made of people passionate about the new. Curious, determined people who are not afraid to take risks and propose non-standard solutions. We are the leading company in professional services, with extensive operations in strategy and consulting, interactivity, technology and operations, supported by digital capabilities in all services. We deliver relevant solutions that directly impact different markets and the lives of thousands of people. We work together with the largest companies in the world and with cutting-edge tools, taking advantage of what is most current in the digital market.

We develop experiences that revolutionize people's lives. We work with customers and partners to design, build and execute platforms that deliver meaningful solutions serving purposes and innovation, delivering applications and helping to build architectures that will define the future of business.

If you like challenges, digital and analytical marketing, multichannel, development (front end, back end), media management, digital architecture and infrastructure, passionate trends, agile and intelligent processes and an exciting work environment, your place is here!

This opportunity is part of Accenture Interactive, an award-winning team recognized by Ad Age as the largest digital network in the world for five consecutive years. Reinvent the customer experience, create, deliver and stand out in new and digital ways through connected products in design, marketing, content and commerce.

One day is different from the other. We are more than 509 thousand people, present in more than 120 countries, committed to doing what is new every day and making the world a better place for people.

Our main value is Respect for the Individual. We make no distinction of gender, color, sexual orientation, social position or disabilities. Everyone has equal opportunities to build their careers in an inclusive and diverse company.

If you are also passionate about what you do, come and meet the challenge that Accenture is offering you!


What will you do in your daily life (Analyst):

- Implementation of microservices / backend services and implementation of APIs and integration services with commercial products using open source technologies heavily used in the market, in evolution projects and digital transformation of our customers;

- Development of unit tests;

- Conduct code review and deploy applications

- Develop a critical view regarding the quality of deliveries;

- Assist in the design of solution architectures;

- Work in multidisciplinary teams, following an agile model;


What will you do in your day to day (Consultant):

- Implementation of microservices / backend services and implementation of APIs and integration services with commercial products using open source technologies heavily used in the market, in evolution projects and digital transformation of our customers;

- Develop solution architecture drawings and implement reusable components, following principles such as SOLID, DRY AND KISS;

- Acting in the technical leadership of multidisciplinary teams, demonstrating mastery over development methodologies;

- Promote the training and development of your team and mentors;

- Support the resolution of problems implementing solutions;

- Keep up to date with technological trends in the market;


What we are looking for in the person who will be part of the team (Analyst):

- Design knowledge of RESTful APIs, unit testing of APIs, API security concepts, commercial or open source API Gateways, event-oriented architectures, and messaging middleware;

- Knowledge in transforming functional and / or non-functional requirements into code;

- Understanding of solution architecture, and translating it into implementation.

- Knowledge of Design Patterns, Unit Test, REST, API Gateway, Event driven architecture, Event Sourcing, SQL and NOSQL, Microgateway, gRPC, IAM;


Besides… what else can you have?

- Languages and Frameworks: Java (Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut, Vert.x) or NodeJS (NestJS, Express, Koa, HAPI);

- Streaming and Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka, NATS, other messaging middleware;

- Microservices Orchestration: Camunda, Zeebe, Netflix Conductor, Axon;



What will you do in your day to day (Consultant):

Solid proven market experience with at least one of the technologies in each group below:

Languages and Frameworks: Java, Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut, Vert.x, NodeJS, NestJS;

- API: Kong, Apigee, Tyk, Axway, CA;

- Security: JWT, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect;

- Persistence: SQL, NoSQL, Key / Value;

- Streaming & Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka, NATS;

- Cloud: GCP, AWS, Azure

- Solid experience with analysis or elaboration of integration architectures

 We know that there are some technologies that you may not yet know or have no experience with, but don't see it as an impediment to applying for the job, ok? We want Accenture to be a place where you can learn daily and that we can evolve together. Can we count on its potential to work with us in digital transformation within our customers? Apply!

“Accenture does not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, color, sex, age, disability that is not disabling for function, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or for any other reason prohibited by local law. This opportunity is extended to all persons with disabilities. We ask that the type of disability be described in the curriculum, as well as whether special resources are required to develop your work”.

Todas as decisões de recrutamento e contratação devem ser tomadas sem levar em consideração idade, raça, credo, cor, religião, sexo, nacionalidade, ascendência, status de invalidez, condição de veterano, orientação sexual, identidade ou expressão de gênero, informação genética, estado civil, status de cidadania ou qualquer outra base protegida por leis federais, estaduais ou locais.

Os candidatos às vagas não serão obrigados a divulgar registros de condenações ou detenções, selados ou eliminados, como parte do processo de contratação. A Accenture está empenhada em fornecer oportunidades voltadas para os veteranos, nossos homens e mulheres de serviço.

Atualização do COVID-19: A segurança e o bem-estar de nossos candidatos, nosso pessoal e suas famílias continuam a ser uma prioridade. Até que as restrições mudem, as entrevistas continuarão a ser conduzidas virtualmente. 

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