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Web Developer

Job Location: São Paulo – São Paulo

Regional Description: Brasil

Número da Vaga: 00593081

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- Job description

Gerenciar o design, criar e testar aplicativos baseados na Web para vários componentes do site e editar o conteúdo do site. Programar os códigos que ditam os elementos da página da web para posicionamento, estilização e dimensionamento de informações. Especialista na implementação de sites interativos com diferentes estruturas e com suporte total para dispositivos móveis e tablets. Criar e gerenciar páginas da Web, adicionar / editar conteúdo e carreguar / remover documentos usando CMS ou plataformas, usando a linguagem de marcação semântica, por exemplo, HTML5 / CSS / JS, para transformar projetos estáticos do Photoshop em páginas da Web ou e-mails.


·         HTML (HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML 5)

o   Knowledge of web development standards and best practices of HTML5.

o   Develop complex website architecture and structures.

o   Create advanced HTML5 static and dynamic, structures and templates.

o   Understanding of HTML 4.0, XHTML and HTML5 semantics and best practices.

o   Knowledge in HTML5 video, audio, canvas, SVG, forms validation and new semantic tags.

o   Integrate HTML5 pages and modules with server-side structures.

o   Data Attributes.

·         CSS (CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 cross browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation)

o   Strong knowledge of web development standards and best practices on CSS.

o   Expertise in concepts like resets, pixel perfect, cross-browsing.

o   Develop CSS stylesheets for complete web sites and following theme implementation patterns.

o   Knowledge of CSS3 selectors and properties (round borders, gradients, nth-child, transitions, keyframes).

o   Flexbox

o   Knowledge in how to create CSS based themes.

o   Mobile Layouts Development (liquid layouts).

o   Responsive Web Design / Mobile First Approach.

o   Strong knowledge of Responsive Frameworks (examples: Bootstrap, Pure, Foundation, Compass, Gumby).

o   Strong knowledge of CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS or Stylus).

o   Knowledge of CSS post-processors (PostCSS, autoprefixer, etc).

·         JS (DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks: jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS)

o   Strong JavaScript knowledge (ES5 and ES2015).

o   Expert on web development standards and best practices.

o   jQuery or similar framework (selectors, events, effects, animations and AJAX requests).

o   Advanced knowledge in JavaScript libraries, components, best practices and standards.

o   Knowledge in MVC frameworks (examples: Backbone.js, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Ember, Knockout, etc.). Expertise in one MVC framework.

o   Client-Side Template Engines (examples: Underscore, Mustache, Handlebars, Dust.js, Jade, etc.).

o   Understanding of JavaScript optimization techniques.

o   Build Tools (examples: Grunt, Gulp, Rake, Ant, Yeoman, Bower, etc.).

o   Knowledge on JavaScript code quality tools (ESLint, JSLint, JSHint).

o   Knowledge on JavaScript utilities to manage collections (Underscore, Lo-dash, etc).

o   Integration with analytics libraries.

o   Basic understanding of Progressive Web Apps.

·         Image Manipulation

o   Advanced Image Editing Skills: slicing, sprite creation, image size optimization, retouch images.

o   Advanced PSD manipulation skills.

·         XML/JSON

o   Understanding of XML and JSON structures.

o   Manipulation of XML and JSON files.

o   Usage of XML and JSON services using JavaScript.

o   Experience with REST interfaces.

·         Front-End Tools

o   Solid knowledge using web development and testing tools: Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug, Web Developer Tools for other major modern browsers.

o   Understanding of SVN/ GIT command line.

o   Intermediate-advanced knowledge in SVN/GIT: resolving conflicts, doing merges, creating a repository, creating a branch, creating a tag, analyzing history log and reverting to a previous version.

o   Experience with FTP servers.

o   Pixel Perfect (FF), Perfect Pixel (Chrome).

o   Intermediate knowledge in SSH and Unix commands. –

o   Debug on mobile devices.

o   Experience with mobile emulators and touch events simulators.

·         Web Optimization

o   Image optimization.

o   Experience with CSS and JavaScript minification and concatenation.

o   Experience with CSS sprites.

o   Experience with web performance measurements tools: PageSpeed, YSlow.

o   Optimization of HTTP Requests.

o   Experience with HTTP monitoring tools (Charles, Fiddler, HttpFox, Network tab).

·         Unit Testing / Quality Assurance

o   Perform unit testing process for every accomplished task.

o   Knowledge in QA process.

o   Create guidelines in order to improve the unit testing and QA processes.

o   Peer Reviews.

·         Emails

·         CMS Templating

o   Theme creation, updates and maintenance.

o   Editorial Capability: add, update or remove content and images.

o   Creation of dynamic templates in different CMS platforms (Wordpress, Drupal, AEM).

o   Maintenance of CMS modules (Wordpress, Drupal, AEM).

o   CMS optimization for performance, editorial management and SEO.

·         Accessibility

o   Knowledge of accessibility concepts applied to web sites.

·         Usability

o   Knowledge of usability concepts for web sites.

·         SEO

o   Knowledge in SEO.

o   Knowledge in SEO meta tags and their usage.

·         Social Networks

o   Experience integrating modules and client-side API from Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest.

o   Implement share functionality for Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest.

o   Optimization of Twitter posts.

·         Analytics

o   Integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager



·         HTML5 Local Storage API.

·         HTML5 Offline Manifest.

·         HTML5 Microdata.

·         HTML5 Accessibility Features.

·         Indexed DB.

·         Web Sockets, Web Events, Web Workers.

·         CSS Architectures (OOCSS, SMACSS, Atomic Design, DoCSSa or MVCSS).

·         CSS Naming Conventions (BEM).

·         Dependency Loaders / AMD (example: Require.js, yepnope, etc.).

·         Experience developing in Node.js.

·         PhoneGap / Cordova.

·         JavaScript Visualization Framework using Canvas, SVG or WebGL (examples: d3.js, Raphael, Kinetic.js, Paper.js, processing.js, three.js, etc.).

·         Real-time Communication Libraries with Web Sockets (, Pusher, etc.) and Server Send Events.

·         Automated Unit Testing (examples: Jasmine, QUnit, Mocha, Chai, SinonJS, Karma).

·         Automated Integration Testing (PhantomJS, SlimmerJS, CasperJS).

·         Extra knowledge in Git concepts (pull request, fork, branching).

·         Experience with Live Reload

·         Overview of projects quality, ensure best practices and standards.

·         Experience with automated unit testing libraries and test runners (Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit, Karma).

·         Experience with user interface and headless browsers (Selenium, PhantomJS, CasperJS, etc).

·         Intermediate knowledge in email standards.

·         Creating and versioning email templates.

·         Responsive email templates.

·         Build a new web site using a CMS platform.

·         Development of new CMS modules or enhancements to existing modules

·         Knowledge of ARIA attributes.

·         Knowledge of basic guidelines related to Web Accessibility Initiative.

·         Advanced knowledge of guidelines related to usability

·         Solid knowledge of optimization topics: keyword studies, density, web master tools.

·         Login integration with Social Networks.

·         Integration with Adobe Analytics.

·         Integration with personalization frameworks.

Required Experience

·         At least 4 years of proven experience as a web developer working in the implementation of responsive web sites.

·         Academic background related to computer science or web development.

·         Proven experience in building complex web sites using responsive layouts and advanced user interactive.

·         Experience integrating with REST services to consume or send data based on user interactions and user interface updates.

·         Experience using an MVC framework to modularize a web site into smaller reusable components.

·         Experience in a single page application project and proven expertise on the client-side routing implementation.

·         Experience defining build processes using Node.js based tools. Understanding of the tasks required to build a project and their impact.

·         Experience working in agile projects and play an active role during daily, planning and retrospective meetings.

·         Experience working on enterprise projects, following defined guidelines by architects and product owners.

·         Experience with peer review methodologies and their importance for the projects quality. It is expected for Level 10 to be reviewers.

·         Experience coaching new developers in the team and be a point of contact for technical doubts.

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