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Consultant Operations - Web Developer

Job Location: Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo

Regional Description: Brazil

Número da Vaga: 00593080

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- Job description

Design, build and test web based applications and edit site content for various components using content management system CMS . Create and manage web pages, add edit content and upload remove documents using CMS. Maintain website standards and comply with predefined design guidelines. Utilize best practices in web screen design and learn about different middleware platforms to source and update data through web screens as specified in functional requirements.

Key Responsibilities

·         Awareness and Communication

o   Create awareness amongst different functions on importance of intranet for sharing the information

o   Research and reach out to various stakeholders to get updated content for sites

·         Content uploading, gathering and Maintenance

o   Ensure content upload as per defined final user appraisal best practices

o   Manage timely update and accuracy of uploaded content

o   Interact with different functions and stakeholders to ensure updated content is uploaded to the site

o   The Web Developer is expected to utilize best practices in web screen design as well as learn about different middleware platforms to source and update data through web screens as specified in functional requirements

·         Domain Management Service

o   Manage the execution of website decommissioning including, archiving, communications and harvesting processes as agreed with the client

o   Update, maintain and troubleshoot existing websites

o   Support and troubleshoot the day to day technical needs for existing websites

o   The front-end developer works with software engineers and developers to implement their backend work with interactive templates

·         Layout Management

o   Maintain the layout of web sites and emails as per the defined guidelines

·         Web Development

o   Plan and perform module development

o   Document technical specifications and design

o   Analyze system requirement and system specification

o   Analyze new module development for errors and performance

o   Apply problem solving and technical skills to debug code and integration issues

o   Complete unit testing of all development code

Soft Skills

·         Managing Work

o   Defines clear, reasonable project goals for team members.

o   Ensures alignment of scope and objectives to stakeholder expectations.

o   Assists in design of surveys, preparation and conduct of interviews, and planning and facilitation of focus groups

o   Proactively shares leading ideas and relevant research with clients in support of their business model

·         Communicating Effectively

o   Manages the expectations of the audience by outlining the agenda and expectations clearly.

o   Creates communication plans for the team in order to develop the desired objective in a clear and a concise message.

o   Builds credibility through sharing knowledge, insights and expertise.

o   Respects and values other perspectives who have different styles and cultural backgrounds.

·         Creating Business Value

o   Develops working relationships with peers, team members and other stakeholders to develop better solutions.

o   Suggests innovative and more effective ways to address issues and challenges and accomplish team tasks to overcome obstacle

o   Applies learnings and best practices from previous projects/processes for efficiencies in existing methods and processes.

o   Applies prior experiences to analyze an issue and applies best practices to solve them.

o   Seeks to maximize revenues and minimize costs on projects.

·         Building & Maintaining Relation

o   Seeks opportunities to increase the flow of information between self and stakeholders.

·         People Management.

o   Maintains positive and professional work relationships with others in the team, create a team work environment and support others on their assignments.

o   Enables team members to create clear goals and helps them prioritize tasks.

o   Sets expectations on goals to ensure individuals target high performance outcomes.

o   Understands learning styles for improving knowledge and skills in self and others.

o   Regularly monitors and tracks performance against targets.

o   Provides support to team members in areas of expertise.

o   Able to control emotions in a difficult situation.


·         HTML (HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML 5)

o   Knowledge of web development standards and best practices of HTML5.

o   Develop complex website architecture and structures.

o   Create advanced HTML5 static and dynamic, structures and templates.

o   Understanding of HTML 4.0, XHTML and HTML5 semantics and best practices.

o   Knowledge in HTML5 video, audio, canvas, SVG, forms validation and new semantic tags.

o   Integrate HTML5 pages and modules with server-side structures.

o   Data Attributes.

·         CSS (CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 cross browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation)

o   Strong knowledge of web development standards and best practices on CSS.

o   Expertise in concepts like resets, pixel perfect, cross-browsing.

o   Develop CSS stylesheets for complete web sites and following theme implementation patterns.

o   Knowledge of CSS3 selectors and properties (round borders, gradients, nth-child, transitions, keyframes).

o   Flexbox

o   Knowledge in how to create CSS based themes.

o   Mobile Layouts Development (liquid layouts).

o   Responsive Web Design / Mobile First Approach.

o   Strong knowledge of Responsive Frameworks (examples: Bootstrap, Pure, Foundation, Compass, Gumby).

o   Strong knowledge of CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS or Stylus).

o   Knowledge of CSS post-processors (PostCSS, autoprefixer, etc).

·         JS (DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks: jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS)

o   Strong JavaScript knowledge (ES5 and ES2015).

o   Expert on web development standards and best practices.

o   jQuery or similar framework (selectors, events, effects, animations and AJAX requests).

o   Advanced knowledge in JavaScript libraries, components, best practices and standards.

o   Knowledge in MVC frameworks (examples: Backbone.js, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Ember, Knockout, etc.). Expertise in one MVC framework.

o   Client-Side Template Engines (examples: Underscore, Mustache, Handlebars, Dust.js, Jade, etc.).

o   Understanding of JavaScript optimization techniques.

o   Build Tools (examples: Grunt, Gulp, Rake, Ant, Yeoman, Bower, etc.).

o   Knowledge on JavaScript code quality tools (ESLint, JSLint, JSHint).

o   Knowledge on JavaScript utilities to manage collections (Underscore, Lo-dash, etc).

o   Integration with analytics libraries.

o   Basic understanding of Progressive Web Apps.

·         Image Manipulation

o   Advanced Image Editing Skills: slicing, sprite creation, image size optimization, retouch images.

o   Advanced PSD manipulation skills.

·         XML/JSON

o   Understanding of XML and JSON structures.

o   Manipulation of XML and JSON files.

o   Usage of XML and JSON services using JavaScript.

o   Experience with REST interfaces.

·         Front-End Tools

o   Solid knowledge using web development and testing tools: Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug, Web Developer Tools for other major modern browsers.

o   Understanding of SVN/ GIT command line.

o   Intermediate-advanced knowledge in SVN/GIT: resolving conflicts, doing merges, creating a repository, creating a branch, creating a tag, analyzing history log and reverting to a previous version.

o   Experience with FTP servers.

o   Pixel Perfect (FF), Perfect Pixel (Chrome).

o   Intermediate knowledge in SSH and Unix commands. –

o   Debug on mobile devices.

o   Experience with mobile emulators and touch events simulators.

·         Web Optimization

o   Image optimization.

o   Experience with CSS and JavaScript minification and concatenation.

o   Experience with CSS sprites.

o   Experience with web performance measurements tools: PageSpeed, YSlow.

o   Optimization of HTTP Requests.

o   Experience with HTTP monitoring tools (Charles, Fiddler, HttpFox, Network tab).

·         Unit Testing / Quality Assurance

o   Perform unit testing process for every accomplished task.

o   Knowledge in QA process.

o   Create guidelines in order to improve the unit testing and QA processes.

o   Peer Reviews.

·         Emails

·         CMS Templating

o   Theme creation, updates and maintenance.

o   Editorial Capability: add, update or remove content and images.

o   Creation of dynamic templates in different CMS platforms (Wordpress, Drupal, AEM).

o   Maintenance of CMS modules (Wordpress, Drupal, AEM).

o   CMS optimization for performance, editorial management and SEO.

·         Accessibility

o   Knowledge of accessibility concepts applied to web sites.

·         Usability

o   Knowledge of usability concepts for web sites.

·         SEO

o   Knowledge in SEO.

o   Knowledge in SEO meta tags and their usage.

·         Social Networks

o   Experience integrating modules and client-side API from Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest.

o   Implement share functionality for Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest.

o   Optimization of Twitter posts.

·         Analytics

o   Integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager



·         HTML5 Local Storage API.

·         HTML5 Offline Manifest.

·         HTML5 Microdata.

·         HTML5 Accessibility Features.

·         Indexed DB.

·         Web Sockets, Web Events, Web Workers.

·         CSS Architectures (OOCSS, SMACSS, Atomic Design, DoCSSa or MVCSS).

·         CSS Naming Conventions (BEM).

·         Dependency Loaders / AMD (example: Require.js, yepnope, etc.).

·         Experience developing in Node.js.

·         PhoneGap / Cordova.

·         JavaScript Visualization Framework using Canvas, SVG or WebGL (examples: d3.js, Raphael, Kinetic.js, Paper.js, processing.js, three.js, etc.).

·         Real-time Communication Libraries with Web Sockets (, Pusher, etc.) and Server Send Events.

·         Automated Unit Testing (examples: Jasmine, QUnit, Mocha, Chai, SinonJS, Karma).

·         Automated Integration Testing (PhantomJS, SlimmerJS, CasperJS).

·         Extra knowledge in Git concepts (pull request, fork, branching).

·         Experience with Live Reload

·         Overview of projects quality, ensure best practices and standards.

·         Experience with automated unit testing libraries and test runners (Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit, Karma).

·         Experience with user interface and headless browsers (Selenium, PhantomJS, CasperJS, etc).

·         Intermediate knowledge in email standards.

·         Creating and versioning email templates.

·         Responsive email templates.

·         Build a new web site using a CMS platform.

·         Development of new CMS modules or enhancements to existing modules

·         Knowledge of ARIA attributes.

·         Knowledge of basic guidelines related to Web Accessibility Initiative.

·         Advanced knowledge of guidelines related to usability

·         Solid knowledge of optimization topics: keyword studies, density, web master tools.

·         Login integration with Social Networks.

·         Integration with Adobe Analytics.

·         Integration with personalization frameworks.

Required Experience

·         At least 4 years of proven experience as a web developer working in the implementation of responsive web sites.

·         Academic background related to computer science or web development.

·         Proven experience in building complex web sites using responsive layouts and advanced user interactive.

·         Experience integrating with REST services to consume or send data based on user interactions and user interface updates.

·         Experience using an MVC framework to modularize a web site into smaller reusable components.

·         Experience in a single page application project and proven expertise on the client-side routing implementation.

·         Experience defining build processes using Node.js based tools. Understanding of the tasks required to build a project and their impact.

·         Experience working in agile projects and play an active role during daily, planning and retrospective meetings.

·         Experience working on enterprise projects, following defined guidelines by architects and product owners.

·         Experience with peer review methodologies and their importance for the projects quality. It is expected for Level 10 to be reviewers.

·         Experience coaching new developers in the team and be a point of contact for technical doubts.

Possible Academic Background

·         Programming

·         Computer Science

·         Web Development

·         Software Engineer

·         Information Technology

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