Travel today looks radically different

Unprecedented competition. Market volatility. Disruptive business models. Customer expectations higher than ever. Change is not just fast, but exponential. How can you keep pace and grow as an agile, real time travel company?


How will you reinvent yourself to be more relevant?

With the very nature of the travel experience shifting at a dizzying pace, reinvention isn’t a one-time activity but now a circular pursuit, happening in real time.

Do you have the vitality required to stay hyper-relevant? How can you uncover additional value hidden within your company to your advantage?

How will you deliver engaging experiences that cultivate true loyalty?

Loyalty is no longer a commodity built on points. It’s cultivated through meaningful and often human connections that foster intimacy. It’s done through physical and virtual interactions in an ecosystem of partnerships. And it’s a huge competitive advantage.

How will you develop and scale frictionless and tailored experiences? Who are your ecosystem of partners and how will you work with them?

How will you modernize your technology and keep up with demands?

You may not have built it, but it’s now your job to transform it. The good news is that it is possible to keep up with demands amid transforming legacy technology to become leaner and more responsive.

Given heritage systems, architectures, methods and skills, the question is… How will you pivot to new IT?

How will you empower your workforce and improve how they operate?

The travel industry is made up of an inspiring group of people with a spirit to serve but the ways of working that were once sufficient are no longer enough. Companies must empower their workforce with the tools and data that allow them to sense and respond in real time.

How will you change the way you work? How will you help your teams with the tools they need to serve the customer? How will you create an intelligent operation, informed by data?


To succeed amongst unprecedented competition and market volatility Travel companies become real-time organizations – keeping pace with the market and with technology to remain relevant.

Accenture leads Travel companies in uncharted terrain to reduce costs and pivot to the NEW. NEW business models, NEW experiences, and NEW ways of working.

Refocus for Profit

Redefine your business strategy to fuel growth and competitiveness.


Modernize your IT landscape to reduce costs and accelerated investment in the new, freeing up locked value.

Digitally-Enabled Operations

Drive cost savings, process improvement and faster service by connecting customers, employees and operations.

The NEW Loyalty and Marketing

Increase customer intimacy and create more traffic by reimagining how to engage the customer.

Intelligent Back Office

Drive cost reduction. Develop business insight from data to improve performance.

Connected Workforce

Empowering and engaging the most valuable asset—people.

Engaging Customer Experience

Delight the customer in an end-to-end experience that captures the imagination, while increasing loyalty and revenue per customer.


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