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Future peace of mind


Dai-ichi Life wants to be right by their customer’s side, offering peace of mind with more security and an approach focused solely on their needs. So together with Accenture, they are taking the first step toward this new future.

“To create peace of mind for the future” became Dai-ichi Life's top business priority—geared at creating new value. And this was achieved by fusing the life insurance business with technology—promoting “InsTech.”

As the first step toward creating “peace of mind for the future,” the team decided to support health promotion initiatives. From this idea, our team created a health promotion program called "KENKO DAIICHI." This revolutionary program offers a variety of health related services on a mobile app, using a multi-industry ecosystem.

"Western countries have taken the lead in InsTech. We were able to quickly launch this groundbreaking app because of Accenture’s digital and insurance expertise, end-to-end services and global network. We plan to continue to be a leader in innovation to the entire life insurance industry, as we actively adopt ideas and technologies from other areas, promoting the realization of a robust ecosystem shared with other kinds of businesses."


As an InsTech partner, Accenture is excited to help Dai-ichi Life achieve their vision of "Forging the future through innovation."


林 岳郎

Takero Hayashi

Managing Director - Financial Services Insurance
Lead Accenture Japan Ltd