Inclusion & Diversity: Driving business innovation

In an era of disruptive change, Communications, Media & Technology embraces diversity as a source of innovation and a competitive advantage.

"If you have a less diverse, less inclusive environment, you are not going to hear all the voices. Different business models emerge from those different voices so actually to innovate,
you need maximum diversity of thought."

-OMAR ABBOSH – Communications, Media & Technology

Equality Drives Innovation with Omar Abbosh

Innovation has always mattered in business. If your business or society isn’t innovating, the world moves on and leaves you behind. It’s essential for survival and success. How does innovation happen?

Communications, Media & Technology Omar Abbosh provides insight into how equality drives innovation by bringing different opinions and different approaches to the table. Different business models emerge from those different voices so actually to innovate, you need maximum diversity of thought.

Omar explains why creating a diverse environment requires leadership from the top down. His insight provides inspiration for businesses of all sizes.

Equality Drives Innovation with Omar Abbosh

Accenture's CMT Group Chief Executive Omar Abbosh discusses how diversity drives innovative thinking. See more.

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GSMA Women4Tech: Workforce Transformation

Disruptive Dialogue | Diversity in the Workforce

Ursula Soritsch-Renier

Workforce Transformation with Telstra

Alex Badenoch

Diversity in the Age of Intelligent Connectivity

The 2019 Women4Tech Summit delivered thought-provoking conversations on how technology is impacting the jobs of the future. At its core, all participants unanimously agree that the key differentiator for any business, including those in the Communications, Media and Technology industries, is to embrace diversity and gender-balance in the age of digitization to fuel growth. Diversity will be the key driver for innovation as technology companies look for ways to support the rapidly changing world of customer experiences.

Accenture is committed to achieving a 50/50 gender balance workforce by 2025. Listen to a few of our Communications, Media and Technology leaders and industry colleagues as we explore challenges and possible solutions for the future workforce transformation.

Women THRIVE in Communications, Media & Technology

A culture of equality is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth. Communications, Media & Technology women THRIVE in an inclusive and diverse environment that unlocks human potential so everyone can achieve their personal career goals.


GSMA Women4Tech 2018

Accenture has supported the Women4Tech initiatives every year since its inception. Here’s a look at the great conversations during the 2018 W4T Summit as our leaders discussed the critical application that technology plays in creating an equal playing field where women (and everybody) can shine to their full potential.

Women4Tech is designed to increase female leadership in the digital age and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5: to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Women 4 Tech 2018 | Emma McGuigan

Emma McGuigan

Reshaping the Diversity Agenda

Panel discussion

Women Empowering Tech-Equality Career Development

Gary Heffernan

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