Back-office conversion

Insights for operations leaders in asset management

Avoiding the pitfalls

If you’ve ever undertaken a back-office conversion—or considered it—you’ll know that the pitfalls can be numerous

Speed through business requirements identification at the outset, and you could spend hours or days reworking the design after testing.

Fail to get key stakeholders on board or establish effective resolution mechanisms, and tensions—and inefficiency—could mount.

Set out with an overly ambitious timeline or insufficient resources, and you could watch deadlines be missed and your budget disappear.

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Back-office conversion for asset managers

Four key questions to ask:

  • Why is back-office transformation so important to asset managers now?
  • How is back-office transformation affecting today’s asset management landscape?
  • What are common “pain points” that organizations face?
  • How can Accenture help clients on their back-office transformation journey?

Watch our video for answers.

How we can help

Our back-office conversion toolkit brings together our best thinking on four important topics:

  • Vendor conversion plans
  • Program and project management
  • Risk-based oversight models
  • Service-level agreements

We have methodologies to help capture business requirements, proven accelerators to support project planning, governance frameworks to establish accountability and the data management experience required to see your conversion through to completion.

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