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Accenture + CyberArk

Accenture and CyberArk: A dynamic alliance


Privileged credential protection

Manage access for elevated & privileged tasks with granular access controls to minimize risk and defend against administrative access vulnerabilities.

Endpoint protection at scale

Implement least-privilege security controls to protect user devices against threats, while improving user experience and optimizing IT operations.

DevSecOps and secrets management

Secure all application secrets across the enterprise, including cloud-native applications, robotic process automation and n-tier applications.

Cloud-first entitlements

Manage excessive cloud and multi-cloud environment permissions—both human and machine—across the lifecycle through workflow automations.

Workforce and customer identity access

Continuously monitor behaviors across devices from anywhere to enable access to users at just the right time.

By the numbers


CyberArk projects across 15+ countries


2021 CyberArk’s Global Partner of the Year