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Ticketing-as-a-Service: The future of transport ticketing

According to Accenture's study into transport ticketing, three out of four users in major cities want electronic ticketing


Global public transport industry needs to get onboard with innovations in transport ticketing. And more and more are in cities around the world. What’s the smartest way to move forward? At Accenture, we believe the best solution is the one that is most adaptable—providing a level of flexibility demanded by today’s marketplace.

Watch the video to learn how Accenture Fare Management Solution works during a traveler’s journey.


Accenture’s approach to transport ticketing comes with additional benefits including:

  • No IT. Just the service: No need to worry about infrastructure and software management: Ticketing-as-a-Service is fully hosted and ready to deploy. It provides a comprehensive range of turnkey services to assist operators: from card layout design and third-party integration, to system rollout and user training.

  • Fast time to market: It is a pre-configured solution that enables rapid implementation with a low upfront investment and lower risk. Regular feature upgrades help operators keep pace with current and future business challenges. Built on Microsoft Dynamics, Ticketing-as-a-Service promotes cross-industry best leading practices in supply management, finance management and customer relationship management.

  • An adaptable solution: Our approach provides operators with the ability to quickly change fares, create new products, deploy new customer channels or enable new types of fare media without incurring significant costs. It can integrate with any fare device vendor and accept all forms of contactless media.

  • Pay-per-use model: Accenture’s approach uses a business model based on metrics from real usage of the service. With Ticketing-as-a-Service, operators can potentially reduce their upfront investments and tailor their IT cost according to their business needs.


Accenture’s Ticketing-as-a-Service offers a large catalog of self-service functions via the web and mobile applications from enrollment to product purchase, automatic reload to card management services. Once captured, customer data is centralized.

This customer 360 degree view enables transit authorities to provide a quick and personalized response to customer requests. And a wide selection of pre-built reports drive visibility into everything from traffic to fraudulent transactions—delivering insights that encourage continuous improvement.