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Accenture capital markets
center of excellence

Dedicated services for a successful, industrialized delivery
of our capital markets specific offerings.

The Capital Markets Center of Excellence—with locations in Paris, Madrid, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai—provides infrastructure and dedicated services for a successful, industrialized delivery of our capital markets specific offerings.

For our Trading Services, the center provides training (online training and documentation), research (live software playgrounds) and development capabilities (integrated development environments), as well the development of proprietary Accenture assets such as solution accelerators. A few examples of the assets developed around the software of our alliance partners within Accenture Trading Services are included below:

Calypso—The center contains our Calypso installation and configuration framework, an interface framework and a comprehensive test and quality framework. Dedicated Accenture-developed assets include an automated online/offline workflow testing tool and a Calypso Fast-Track solution development environment that enables a quick start with our clients' Calypso projects.

Learn more and download the PDF: Calypso Trading and Risk Management Capabilities. [PDF, 662KB]

Murex—Accenture has developed, among others, an estimation tool to quickly estimate the amount of work needed for a specific Murex implementation project. This tool also delivers a work plan and can help optimize the scope of a specific project with predefined Murex tasks. Another estimation tool has been developed for application outsourcing projects covering maintenance and enhancement tasks. Based on a specific client challenge, this tool provides an estimate for the required team size and the skill pyramid needed. 

Learn more and download the PDF: Murex Capabilities. [PDF, 185KB]

Kondor+—The center is equipped with two different Kondor+ versions: Kondor+ 2.6 and Kondor+ 3.0, released in the third quarter of 2008. Accenture has built solution accelerators around Kondor+, including an installation and configuration framework, a Maintenance Run Book, as well as tools to automate the customized code version migration. Additional accelerators include our ready-to-use development environments (based on both Kondor+ 2.6 and Kondor+ 3.0) that allow a quick start with our clients' Reuters Kondor+ projects.

The Capital Markets Center of Excellence links seamlessly with our local capital markets service lines in different countries, our dedicated capital markets delivery centers in Spain, India and China and Accenture Global Delivery Network, the largest and most diversified group of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world.

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