Accenture Logistics Platform

Enabling same day delivery


Last mile supply chains are at a tipping point. Consumer expectations, pressure on margins and new technologies are making same day delivery necessary to transform the delivery service experience for your customers. The Accenture Logistics Platform is an end-to-end solution from order to delivery that guides package delivery through Accenture’s proprietary routing algorithm and pushes optimal routes to the mobile app. This enables a smooth delivery process by providing drivers with point-to-point delivery instructions, delivery details by order and delivery recording capabilities.

What can Accenture Logistics Platform do for your customers?

  • It is customizable to enable delivery features based on customer requirements and preferences, such as digital signature capture, delivery time windows, picture confirmation and delivery status notifications.

  • Customer experience significantly improves because of faster delivery, upgrades and asset recuperation.

  • Functionality also provides enhanced visibility to any track and trace delivery use case from order through to delivery with notifications each step of the way.

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Accenture believes that the time and technology is ripe for a new last-mile delivery model. Evolved consumer expectations, retail supply chain investments and a fundamental step change in computational power allow for new opportunities for last mile optimization, aggregation, and differentiation. Accenture is making a significant investment in a continuous delivery solution that will enable our clients to lead in the new delivery reality by better utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve consumer delivery experiences while reducing overall delivery costs.