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COVID-19: The business of experience in times of uncertainty

June 28, 2020

Five new Human Truths for Experiences

Consumer behavior shift

Which way will people go?

The three lenses for creating good brand experiences in uncertain times


5 new human truths

The evolving truths around which organizations will need to design, communicate and build experiences.

Consumer behavior will permanently change

Consumers attitudes, behaviors and purchasing habits are changing—and many of these new ways will remain post-pandemic. Read more.


Product and spatial design in a pandemic​

Discover our six experience principles on how to design immediate and long-term solutions for people and businesses. Read more.

A consumer-first approach to media

It's time to focus on customers’ needs–not the bottom line. Find ways to adapt marketing and media plans to add more value and support. Read more.

Channel shift: Prioritizing digital commerce

How companies can reassure customers and employees, redesign products, services and markets, and build new partnerships and ecosystems. Read more.

Responsive customer service

Rapidly set-up an effective out-of-office customer service center, and enhance virtual agent capabilities to support customer requests. Read more.


A brand. New. Purpose.

The new rules around brand, social impact and purpose. Taking the right actions now is the key task for every CEO. Read more.

Fjord Trends 2020 COVID-19 update

Ready, RESET, reinvent: the emerging trends in business, tech and design. Read more.

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