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Talking Agility

A podcast that takes an in-depth look at enterprise agility. Leading experts cover what it is, why it matters, and—most of all—how to achieve it.

Enterprise agility is an organization’s ability to respond rapidly and effectively to opportunities and disruption.

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Episode 2: Enterprise Agility—vision and leadership

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Episode 1: Enterprise Agility—a strategic imperative

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Meet the host

Talking Agility uncovers how technology, disruption and innovation intersect, and explores the tools and skills your organization needs.

Elitsa Nacheva

Host of Talking Agility

Resources for the agile enterprise

True agility calls for a new approach. Get the on the fast track with these Accenture resources.

Enterprise agility in financial services: the new strategic imperative

Rewiring businesses for speed and adaptiveness.


The state of agility in financial services

Andy Young summarizes key ideas on the blog.


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