Hardware-based networks can’t live up to the performance requirements of the digital age. They don’t have the security, automation, and analytics required to manage business applications, leverage the cloud, and interface with a proliferation of devices.

Networks need to transform for companies to transform

Whether your business is embracing new digital technologies or moving to the cloud, your network needs to be up to the task. Today’s enterprise networks are under tremendous pressure to meet the challenges of digital and cloud from both a point of view. Furthermore, most enterprise networks were not designed to the bandwidth and security demands of these technology trends. Most are aging and prone to failure.

Digital transformation depends on network transformation.

What’s needed is a better way. An approach that looks at your network as a holistic software platform—a virtual software that can be quickly and easily deployed and distributed, and licensed the same way you would license an ERP system or SaaS.

But how can you define the right network for your ongoing needs? A comprehensive appraisal—or what Accenture and Cisco call a Digital “X-ray”—is required. Take a look at the full report for Accenture’s and Cisco’s perspective.

Digital X-Ray, by Cisco and Accenture

Cisco partnered with us to create Digital X-Ray that brings together Accenture’s deep industry experience and business acumen. See more.

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Charles Nebolsky

Managing Director – Accenture Technology​​

Ryan Wickham

Managing Director – Accenture Operations


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